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Sweet Apricity review

Sweet Apricity review: Do you want to find an online candy store specializing in Paleo/AIP-friendly indulgences? Choose Sweet Apricity. They have delicious, sweet, and salty Coconut Cream Caramels + Marshmallows + Caramel “Corn”. Read this Sweet Apricity review to discover more about their products.

What is Sweet Apricity?

Sweet Apricity is a burst of AIP sweetness as welcome as the sun in winter. From the beginning, the mission of Sweet Apricity has been to offer a treat made with ingredients our bodies will love.

Intentionally crafted for those following the AIP, Paleo, Gluten-Free, or Dairy-Free diets, Sweet Apricity offers the sense of joy. They’re crafted by hand in Portland, Oregon, and perfectly sized to fit in your purse or backpack.

Sweet Apricity is an indulgence our bodies can celebrate. Sweet Apricity will help you find joy in your healing diet.

Some best-selling products

  • Grass-fed gelatin vanilla marshmallows (aip/paleo)

Crafted with simple ingredients and sweetened with honey, they’re ready to top hot chocolate, roast over campfires, or satisfy any sweet craving.

  • Sea-salted caramels (aip/paleo)

The Sea Salted Caramels are made with five ingredients and are AIP/Paleo-friendly. Perfect size to fit in your purse or backpack to enjoy a sweet treat anytime.

  • Sea salted caramel sauce (aip/paleo)

It is crafted with the same simple ingredients as their original Sea Salt Caramels. Therefore, it is perfectly drizzled over dairy-free ice cream, spooned onto fruit, or layered into coconut milk yogurt.

Sweet Apricity review

Sweet Apricity reviews from customers

  • Great marshmallows when I want a fun snack! I usually buy these before a road trip so I’ve got all the goods!
  • These marshmallows are delicious, better than a regular ones, I’ve used them in deserts, on sweet potatoes, and of course right out of the bag. I definitely recommend these.
  • This caramel sauce is so good! Following the AIP diet so haven’t tried on ice cream but I bet it would be delicious. It is so good drizzled over apple slices!
  • These caramels are little bundles of fabulousness! I have started an AIP diet and finding a sweet after a meal has been hard. These are perfect! Putting in a second order for them right now!!!

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