Japan Candy Box is a one stop place for candy lovers, who want to surprise their family members with these monthly subscription boxes. Follow this Japan Candy Box Review to see what is interesting.

What is Japan Candy Box?

We all love candy and it’s great to see a cute and sweet candy box. I am sure you will love the Japanese Candy Box. Because it’s not only for the cute candies but also because you will definitely get a great selection of sweets and snacks that will be in your hands to last for several weeks.

It is a subscription service that includes Japanese favorite snacks and more unique options that revolve around a specific topic each month.

Japan Candy Box Review

Japan Candy Box Review – Experience Japan through fun Japanese snacks & flavors

When you subscribe here, make sure you’ll get a box filled with a hand-picked quirky Japanese candies like Rilakkuma Biscuit Sticks, Yaokin Sour Paper Candy, Puccho Watermelon Chewy Candy and etc. every month, at your doorstep.

What’s in Japan Candy Box?

Here are the snacks you can get in Japan Candy Box.

  • Popular Snack

Each Japanese Candy Box has been carefully selected to include the most popular Japanese snacks that you’ll definitely love. Your snack box will come from the famous brands such as Pocky, Hi-Chew, Pretz, Jagabee.

  • Traditional treats

Explore traditional Japanese treats like rice crackers (senbei) and konpeito star candy. You will also enjoy traditional flavors like matcha green tea, ichigo strawberry and spicy mustard in every snack box.

Japan Candy Box Review

Each box includes about 8 special, delicious Japanese sweets and snacks.

  • DIY Candy kits

Create delightful Japanese snacks in different shapes and forms from Japanese DIY Candy kits. You can find instructions from their blog. Your snack subscription box usually includes at least one DIY candy kit!

  • Character Snacks

It is great for those who love game & anime characters. Your subscription box will always have some fun anime snacks and kawaii characters in it!

  • Japanese Snacks

Your snack box is full of delicious Japanese sweets from famous brands like Glico and Meiji! Each monthly box is carefully selected to create a new and exciting taste experience that you will surely love.

  • Japanese Chocolate

Your box will include exclusive Japanese Kit Kat flavors, Meiji chocolates and other Japanese chocolate sweets.

  • Exclusive Japanese Snacks

Enjoy hard-to-find snacks like seasonal Hi-Chew or limited edition Pocky in each snack box. Experience an exclusive Japanese sweets taste usually only available in certain prefectures or for a limited time.

  • Dagashi

Cheap Japanese snacks are called Dagashi and often remind Japanese of their childhood. You will surely find it interesting with the color Dagashi packages.

Japan Candy Box Review

This company offers Free shipping around the world

What about the price?

The boxes are available monthly with the options of 1-month packages (currently $24.90), 6 months ($21.90 / month) and 12 months ($19.90 / month). When ordering, the first box is shipped immediately with the next boxes delivered at the end of the month.

Also, the best thing about Japanese Candy Boxes is that it will be shipped anywhere, anytime in the world for free. From Japan, Philippines, UK, mainland Europe to the US and anywhere in the world, this product can be delivered at the end of each month.

If you’re interested and want to order, don’t forget to use the discount code below to save your money.

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