Save Money On Shopping Online- Who wants to play tricks?

Save Money On Shopping Online

The owner or the third party – who wants to play tricks to customers when doing online shopping? If you really understand the tricks played by them you can save money on shopping online a lot.

This is my personal opinion of the essence of online shopping which is drawn from my own experience and hopes this discussion can bring to you some good information for better savings of online shopping. I’m free to hearing from you, too then we will try to make a better market.

Decipher hidden discount codes on store price tags

Store tags can be a hidden information treasure trove. In preparation for sales, shop staff scribble numbers, letters, or dots on price tags. If you see these mysterious markings on a full-price item you want to buy, hold off – it means that the item’s about to be reduced. People say that this particular system widely used at Next, Monsoon River Island. Here’s what to look for and how to make sense of the shop workers’ notes, so you can get a head-start before the sales officially begin.

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Keep an eye on shop layouts too

The shops often arrange clothes by color or this season’s look, rather than categories such as jeans and tops – a technique designed to drag you deeper into the store. However, a few days before a sale, staff often re-sort garments by type. So if you spot them fiddling with the racks, wait before purchasing.

Many high street shops give 10% off, just asking

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for a discount. In fact, it’s built into some shops’ official policies. A former member of staff at one big DIY store even told Martin they’d been told if anyone asks for a discount, just to give 10% off. So feel free to ask for a coupon code or discount before shopping.

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Find the best day to bag deals for your shop

Found something you want to buy online, but can’t find a discount code? Don’t despair. Try waiting until Tuesday or Wednesday, then checking the Discount or Coupon page again. The most popular day was Wednesday (13 deals launched), closely followed by Tuesday (12).  In fact, 50% of them started working on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The third most popular day was Monday. Retailers presumably do this so they’re ready in good time for the weekend. Hot deals may come out every day, so it’s always worth checking Vouchers, Hot Bargains, Sales, Coupon, Discount sites.

Do you know any tricks else? Tell us now and we will together save money on shopping online more and more.

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