5 tips for choosing the right shoes you need to know

choose the right shoes for your feet

Have you ever felt pain in your feet after wearing your favorite pair of shoes on the road? If yes, you need to reconsider to choose the right shoes for your feet with the notes below!

Identify the activities you will engage in when wearing shoes

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to wear cowboy boots if you’re going to the beach. On the other hand, flip-flops would not be appropriate in a pasture full of cattle.

  • Hiking: Low-cut boots, or sneaker shoes with sturdy top, good ankle support, traction sole and full arch support.
  • Outdoor activities in cold weather: Consider waterproof and insulated shoes, especially if you want to walk in snow or ice. Make sure the boots are big enough for a good pair of thick socks.
  • Sport shoes: This is one of the most diverse shoes, with shoes dedicated to almost every sport, like tennis, golf, basketball, soccer, skateboarding, and even bowling. So you might be better off talking to a knowledgeable salesperson at a shoe store to find the best fit for a specific need.
  • Dressing: Here, style can be a major concern, but you should consider how much walking will be involved in your plan and choose comfortable shoes.

choose the right shoes

Measure twice, buy once

Before you head to the shoe store, measure your feet several times so you have a much clearer idea of ​​what you’re looking for. Trace the outline of your foot and bring a copy of it to the store with you – that way, you can simply measure any pair you like compared to that image. If the shoe is too narrow or short for what you need, don’t even waste your time trying it. Or, just visit the store that offers a professionally fitting shoe.

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Don’t forget about width

Most people immediately know what their shoe size is because it relates to the length of the foot, but what about the width?  Styles that are too narrow can compress the feet and cause pain and swelling: halving the size won’t solve the problem. If the widest part of your foot feels compressed by the edges of the shoe, ask the clerk if there is a wider pair.

While some people’s feet fit within a range of average shoe widths, many need special sizes to fit. This is especially true if you are shopping for work shoes or high heels. If you find that your feet are moving in your shoes, you probably need a narrower shoe. A size B is the average width for women and a size D is the average for men.

the right shoes

Don’t just buy a pair quickly

Next tip you need to know when choosing the right shoes is “Don’t just buy a pair quickly”. Walk around the store to make sure they are comfortable before buying. Do they feel like they are slipping? Are they uncomfortable? Do they pinch around the arch of your foot? These are all signs that they are not the right shoes for you. Never assume that you can “break in” shoes and they will become comfortable over time.

Instead, go for the right people immediately. Remember that your feet can change even after you reach adulthood. Before you buy new shoes, make sure you know your current size. In some cases, your right and left foot may be different in size, so the clerk will measure them independently and provide a comfortable shoe that fits well together.

Choose a reputable shoe brand

Finally, choosing a reputable shoe brand is necessary, because it will guarantee you a good shoe. With comfortable material, soft insoles, snug-fitting designs, shoes manufactured by reputable brands not only bring comfort to you on the go, but also avoid injury when use shoes.

In addition to ensuring the quality factor, reputable shoe companies such as Adidas, Puma, and Nike also invest in the design team, bringing trendy models to catch up with the world trend.

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