How to choose the right pillow for sleeping

right pillow for sleeping

Do you know that 1/3 of your time is spent on mattresses and pillows? Have you ever woken up and felt a stiff neck? If so, this is the time to change your pillow. Check out the article below to find out how to choose the right pillow for sleeping.

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Choose according to sleeping position

Pillows and sleeping postures are also closely related. The pillow is suitable for sleeping posture will help you sleep better, avoid neck fatigue, back pain … when you wake up.

If you have a habit of sleeping on your back, choose a pillow that is not too high and has a depression in the middle. It will help the neck and spine not be too different, create deeper sleep and make the body comfortable when waking up in the morning the next day. If you’re prone to sleeping on your side, buy a slightly thicker and bulging pillow. These pillows will help you to have a stable position when sleeping.

right pillow for sleeping

For those who often face down, choose a thin pillow to avoid discomfort, painful pain when waking up. In addition, if you often change positions when sleeping or have trouble sleeping …, you should buy different pillows (such as hugging pillows) to balance and support your body when you change positions.

Choose a pillow of a suitable thickness

You should not choose pillows that are too low. Because they will cause an unbalanced vein and artery phenomenon, causing insomnia, fatigue. However, you shouldn’t pick the pillow too high. The reason is that a high knee will make the neck vertebrae numb, leading to stiffness, deforming the bone cushion, hindering respiration.

The appropriate thickness for a pillow is about 10 – 15 cm (not pressed down), depending on the body characteristics, and sleeping position of each person. Besides, you should also pay attention to the width of the pillow. A wide pillow that can support the shoulder will be the best choice for us.

right pillow for sleeping

Friendly color

The next part of choosing the right pillow for sleeping is the color. The color of the pillow also has significant effects on our sleep. It is one of the factors that regulate mood and emotions, affecting sleep quality. You should choose colors that can stimulate sleepiness such as light pink, light yellow, light blue … Especially; you absolutely should not choose pillows with 2 contrasting colors. This can cause unpleasant sensations, which can negatively affect our sleep.

Comfortable material

right pillow for sleeping

On the advice of experts, we should choose a pillow with good elasticity to support the neck vertebra, avoiding anesthesia. However, you should not choose too soft pillows because it will make your head easily sink into the center of the pillow, causing uneven blood circulation, leading to headaches, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. The best way for us is to choose the pillow with the settlement when lying no more than 3-4 cm.

For each type of pillow, quality is comfort, support and long service life and will be reflected in the price. Once you’ve decided on the pillow type that’s right for you, choose the highest quality pillow that your budget will allow. Remember, you will spend thousands of hours on this pillow throughout its life.

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