If you’re a fan of the contour offered by memory foam but don’t like the feeling that you’re stuck in the mattress, read our Leesa Mattress Review to choose the mattress that’s right for you:

Leesa Mattress Review:

Leesa is, easily, a top 10 mattress in a box brand online, and in this review we discuss the pros and cons of their three mattresses. We do a deep dive on the Original Leesa mattress, their coil bed, and even the new Legend mattress. Whether you’re interested in firmness, feel, or price, we have all the details in this guide.

Comparing The 3 Leesa Bed

Leesa Mattress Review

At a high level, there are three big differences between the three Leesa mattresses: price, construction, and firmness level. Here’s a quick overview of the beds:

  • Leesa Original — This is a 10″ foam mattress that’s a medium on the firmness scale. It’s affordable and comfortable.
  • Leesa Hybrid — An 11″ innerspring bed that sits at about a medium-firm on our scale. It’s priced in the luxury tier.
  • Leesa Legend — The company’s latest mattress. It has two layers of pocket coils for extra support for heavier individuals.

Video Review

Don’t want to read the full review? Watch our video review instead.

Leesa Mattress Review and Feedback

I think I’ve provided a pretty detailed explanation of how I perceived the Leesa mattress, but everyone has their own opinions. In order to give you a well-rounded feel of this product, I took a moment to see what real customers have had to say:


  • Great combination of contour and support
  • Pleasant to look at
  • Good responsiveness


  • Some complaints of off-gassing (mine wore off after about 24 hours)
  • Some complaints of sleeping hot
  • Low edge support for heavier people


The online business model has allowed mattress manufacturers to offer quality products at surprisingly low prices. After all, when shipped directly to your door, numerous costs are eliminated. Considering the way Leesa feels and the fact that each layer features such high quality, I think you’re getting a great value. If you’re ready to order one for yourself and try it out, here’s the cost breakdown:

  • Twin- $599
  • Twin XL- $699
  • Full- $999
  • Queen- $1099
  • King- $1299
  • California King- $1299

When you make your purchase, you’ll know you helped a homeless person gain a much-needed mattress since Leesa donates one mattress per 10 sales.

Who We Recommend the Leesa Mattress For

Leesa Mattress Review

There are hundreds of quality mattresses on the market, so it can be difficult to pick just one. Leesa features a number of qualities that make it a versatile product. From its medium firmness and appealing contour to the high densities and pleasant design, I think Leesa’s trademarked Universal Adaptive Feel is pretty accurate. I think it’s an excellent fit for:

  • Sleep partners
  • Those suffering from shoulder or hip pain
  • Those suffering from allergies
  • Shoppers looking for a product that offers contour without feeling stuck

Does Leesa Sleep Hot?

No! The Original Leesa is a neutral sleeping bed that actually does a nice job of wicking heat. We wouldn’t consider it particularly hot or cold. Having said that, lighter folks will typically find that it sleeps cooler because they sink in less. The opposite is true for heavier people. This goes for all mattresses.

Even more, factors such as room temperature, sheets, sleeping position, and whether or not you sleep alone, all play a role in the perceived temperature of a mattress. For instance, if you leave your window open in the dead heat of the summer, it doesn’t matter what your mattress is made of, you’re probably going to feel hot. Similarly, if you use thick, cotton sheets or a heavy duty comforter, things will probably get pretty toasty for you.

Maintenance, Protection, Care, and Warranty

Leesa Mattress Review

It’s Leesa’s primary goal to offer a product that’s universally viable for sleepers, and I had a very positive overall experience. I’m a big fan of the cover, both from an aesthetic standpoint and the way it feels. I think the neutral colors go well in just about any setting. The clever combination of the Avena® and memory foams does a great job in leveling out proper bounce and motion isolation. All materials are high-quality and made in the USA, and all three foams are CertiPur US certified.

I had an overall very positive experience with this product. If you think it could work for you, let’s take a look at what you can expect as a customer.

Our Final Verdict

The Leesa mattress is a high-quality mattress, and you can get the queen-sized model for under $1,000. It works well at offering a versatile feel that will make happy customers out of the majority of their sales. I think they do a great job at counteracting the negative aspects of memory foam like feeling stuck while maintaining the contouring capabilities. If you do weigh more than 300 pounds or have mobility problems, this may not be the best pick for your needs. However, in their goal to accommodate the majority, I think they hit the nail on the head.

Moreover, you can read the review: “Leesa vs Casper mattress Review – Which one is better?” at hotreview4u.com before you buy!

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