Are you looking for an eco-friendly safety razor? Do not miss the reusable safety razor of Kappi – a reputable brand from Australia. Read my review to find out its excellent points and get discount codes.

Why We Should Use Safety Razor?

Why We Should Use Eco-friendly Safety Razor
Why We Should Use Eco-friendly Safety Razor

Every year, American threw away more than 2 billion razor blades heads. Moreover, shaving cartridges are often made of rubber and plastic. Therefore, using this kind of razor not only causes waste but also environmental pollution.

That’s the reason why an eco-friendly safety razor is a best choice for anyone interested in protecting the Earth. If you want to buy a safety razor, I recommend Kappi. This store provides plastic-free products, including reusable safety razors.

Kappi Eco-Friendly Safety Razor

Kappi Eco-Friendly Safety Razor
Kappi Eco-Friendly Safety Razor

How Kappi Makes Safety Razor

Each safety razor comes in matte gold color and modern design. Moreover, the razor’s color will not fade after a long time of use as it comes from electroplating. With only $39.95 AUD, you can own a razor and a 10-pack of replacement razor blades.

Besides, Kappi uses a Brass Alloy (Brass and Zinc) to create all razors.  So, they are very durable and cannot be corroded. In other words, you can use this safety razor for a lifetime.

Advantages of Safety Razor

Modern razors often cut your hair follicle below the skin level. Therefore, they may become ingrown. In order to avoid this issue, Kappi safety razors are designed to cut only hair follicles at the skin level. They will bring to you the smoothest and irritation-free shaves that you’ve never experienced before.

In addition, you have to spend lots of money on the replacement blades if you use modern razors. I mean a modern multi-blade cartridge head is about $3. While a traditional double-sided razor blade is only 20-cents. So, it’ll be easy to cut down on your budget thanks to the Kappi safety razors.

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