Fashion For Big Guys: 5 dressing tips for overweight guys


Dressing tips for overweight guys: Are you a large man and want more style help? Like women, the big guys with plus size often difficult to choose, and mix beautiful clothes. But being overweight doesn’t mean not wearing well. Here are 5 dressing tips for overweight guys you need to know.

Must be simple – Simple is always beautiful

dressing tips for overweight guys

The more you are overweight, the more you look good enough in the crowd. So, if you wear a gaudy outfit with more intricate details, it will make you a topic of discussion.  Dress simply, so that it doesn’t become an overwhelming effect.

Simplicity will help big guys wear better, and conceal their weight loss. In addition, overweight guys should choose costumes with a little texture like dark clothes, and vertical stripes patterns rather than anything with busy graphics or patterns.

Choose clothes made from lightweight fabrics

Thick, heavy cloth accentuates your size and makes you look bulky. Not to mention that clothing made from thick fabric will retain heat, causing him to sweat and it is the sweat that does not escape that will cause body odor, especially on hot days. Therefore, the advice for overweight men is to avoid thick, heavy, hard materials; instead, wear lightweight outfits.

dressing tips for overweight guys

Dress to your size

Dress to your size always plays an important role in the dressing of any man including big guys. If the clothes you wear are flabby, wrinkled or the fabric is too soft, they will more clearly show your bulky body. In particular, the flaws such as being fatter, and overweight are more show when you dress sloppily.

For large men, clothing that does not fit will denote the physique that you are trying to hide. Many make the mistake of thinking that the wider the clothes they wear, the more they cover their overweight defects. Baggy clothes don’t “fool” anyone.

In fact, it makes people pay more attention to your body and weight. Therefore, immediately remove the meaning of wearing oversized costumes with your stout body!

In addition, wearing clothes that fit your body will help you feel comfortable and confident with your appearance. It is good, isn’t it?

Wear large accessories

The proportion of fashion items in an outfit of a big guy is very important. The bigger you are, the bigger you want your accessories to be, too, for example, a large watch face, a large belt, and a large tie. The proportional ratio between body and accessories will help balance your physique greatly.

Find your size and the brands that fit you best

You often watch YouTube videos, there are YouTubers instructing you to dress or mix clothes for big men. Do you intend to wear them like them to achieve your own style? It’s important to find the clothes and brands that work best for your body type. And once you find the brands and fits that work best, you can stick with that brand for life.

dressing tips for overweight guys

Some name brands you can consider such as:

  • Amazon

It is no surprise that Amazon enters the big men’s market. They offer a really nice selection of Levi’s workwear and jeans, as well as other name brands like Calvin Klein and Dockers.

  • Kohls

The second name I would like to recommend is Kohls’s. Kohl’s has a wide selection of large and tall men’s clothing, everything from casual polos and button-downs to suits and clothes. They also have a great ground clearance section where you can find some really great deals.

  • Old Navy

Old Navy has really expanded its market into clothing for tall & big selections. They have added more sizes XXL and XXXL as well as proportioned cuts with longer sleeves and pant lengths for tall guys – and still at affordable prices.

  • Zappos

When it comes to overweight men’s clothes, Zappos lead the way. Zappos has a great selection of clothing from famous names, such as Columbia, Ariat, Nautica, and Tommy Bahama, all of which come in expanded sizes, as well as shoes, shoes, and sandals up to size 20.

Also, they offer lots of coupon codes, and promotions to thank their loyal customers so you can buy items with great deals.

Thanks for reading this article from With these 5 dressing tips for overweight guys, hope you guys can find a style for yourself. Size should never be a barrier to great style.

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