Wearing an automatic wristwatch is a great way to class-up your look and feel when you get dressed every morning. However, perhaps some brands are quite expensive. So why not try a brand new good quality at an affordable price.

Well, the new name I want to recommend here is Spinnaker Watches. Follow my Spinnaker Watches review to see if they’re really worth it. I will have the code at the end of the post, so you can get it for extra saving.

Spinnaker Watches Review – What makes them special?

Hong Kong-based Spinnaker Watches market their products as affordable divers. The company has risen to the lead in cost effective watches with nautical design. However, their watches do not rely on the oceanic appeal as aesthetics. With timepieces that are surprisingly water resistant, it’s safe to say that Spinnaker produces the most affordable diving watches today.

The designs of Spinnaker watches include homage to the iconic dive watches of famous brands.

Each watch from Spinnaker boasts a 316L stainless steel case with movements from notable Japanese manufacturers. Some of their watches featured Seiko movements, while others, Miyota and Hattori.

It can be said that they have successfully combined classic designs with cost-effective modern tech.

5 Best Spinnaker Watches

But not all affordable timepieces prove to be worthy of the hype. A brief stay in watch forums will bring mixed impressions of Spinnaker watches. A lot of people find its watches worthy of the price and features, while others have some watch problems.

So what are the best rated watches? Stay tuned for my Spinnaker Watches review.

Spinnaker Dumas


Hints from the aesthetics of the 1970s, Dumas represents a more muscular form and a more aggressive design in diving watches. It encapsulates its true purpose as a diving watch, focusing only on functionality and practicality. However, the watch is not at all inferior in terms of aesthetics. With colored lines taken from iconic dive watches, it is still pleasing to the eye as it is functional.

Spinnaker Wreck


The catchy Spinnaker Wreck is primarily intended for fans of a truly vintage look. The Wreck looks like a clock found in a shipwreck. The 316L stainless steel case measures 43mm in diameter and 14.5mm in thickness. Lug to lug, the 50mm difference further emphasizes the watch’s large exterior. However, the watch looks smaller with a curved design. The rounded edges, not present in other Spinnaker watches, make the Wreck stand out from other designs.

Spinnaker Hull


As with Wreck, Spinnaker Hull takes on the vintage look with all seriousness. It shows an ingenious balance between the classic look, the modern tech as well as an aged look.

The fumée dial of the watch comes in a variety of colors such as brown, blue, or green.

The warm lume has a cream color that gives it a more intense vintage feel. However, with rounded hour indexes and sharp dials. The watch also has a sandwich dial give it more depth. As minimal as it looks, Hull only gives off the essentials and is sure to appeal to any yacht and watch enthusiast.

Spinnaker Bradner


The Spinnaker Bradner brings the best of modern and classic looks in one model. It is based on the cvintage esthetic as with other Spinnaker watches, but more on the modern side of history.

At 180m water resistance, the watch is suitable for swimming but not for diving. This model comes in a variety of straps and bracelets – from stainless steel straps to leather straps.

Spinnaker Cahill


The Cahill family from Spinnaker came as a tribute to scuba diver James Cahill. This 200m diver goes as far as to repeat the image of the Rolex 5513. One version also comes with a cross-shaped dial, a design famous among timepieces.

Like other Spinnaker watches, it measures 43mm in diameter and 15.8mm in thickness. Yes, it’s thick but with its round shell it still looks smaller. The sapphire crystal that protects the dial of the watch also provides effective scratch resistance. With the 22mm lug, changing straps shouldn’t be a problem if you have any problems with its leather straps.

Final Thought

Spinnaker offers a wide selection of quality watches. They are very affordable with great features essential for anyone who loves exploring seas and more. Although it is quite new but with good price and quality, it is worth a try.

Spinnaker Watches Website: www.spinnaker-watches.com

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