Scientific Wrestling Review: From Zero to A Legend in Wrestling

Scientific Wrestling review

You must be here to look for a trustful and effective wrestling course. Welcome you to our Scientific Wrestling Review, the top #1 online course for wrestling. Stay with us to discover more about this course and hear from what other customers say about it.

Having been here with us for nearly 20 years, Scientific Wrestling brings us the brutal, rare, and brilliant world of catch wrestling in all its permutations.


What you will learn

War Catch Wrestling

Scientific Wrestling has been an invaluable resource for new grapplers in terms of expanding their understanding of all things Catch Wrestling through their Training Camps and Online Video Tutorials.

Scientific Wrestling’s War Catch Wrestling is the finest online catch wrestling training curriculum. It teaches the holds and methods that the famous Billy Robinson demonstrated to many present MMA champions, Scientific Wrestling Coaches, and UWFi shoot-style professional wrestlers.

They have digitally remastered and upscaled the videos to a 16:9 aspect ratio (720p) so that you can watch movements in high quality with clear and lively images.

A Jake Shannon’s 156-page “Coaching Catch” Playbook is included

You have 78+ minutes of extra instructional footage to become a successful grappler.

The Scientific Wrestling CCACC Program

After earning the minimum hours of verified training at both Scientific Wrestling CCACC Camps Training Camps, the Scientific Wrestling CCACC Program requires the ability to “Do It Again,” that is, to meet curriculum performance benchmarks during evaluations after earning the minimum hours of verified training at both Scientific Wrestling CCACC Camps Training Camps.

Participants will achieve the Assistant Coach designation after completing 250 units (and receiving Scientific Wrestling clearance). All Assistant Coaches must pay camp dues until they are promoted to Full Coach.

You will receive the complete Coach certificate from Scientific Wrestling after completing 500 units.

As a CCACC participant, you will be expected to be a focused and engaged student/coach, to communicate honestly, to attend all essential training, to study the content, and to practice more than you don’t. Aside from that, pay your dues and work hard.

Save $120 on the Scientific Wrestling CCACC Program

There are more Scientific Wrestling discounts in this Scientific Wrestling review for you to enjoy. Grasp it for a reduced price.

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