Flora Blowley will be where souls meet souls in painting, where you can learn how to paint with emotions and buy your home painting creation. In our post, you will find out cheap painting courses to set your body and mind free in painting.

What is special in Flora Bowley painting e-courses?

Unlike other normal or traditional painting courses, Flora Bowley has special painting courses. They are combinations and connections between your physical body and emotion in painting.

Flora Bowley gives you many tactics and reminders to help you break through the limits in creation. You understand how your mind affects the creation in painting.

Therefore, you should be the most comfortable, healthiest, and free to paint. I highly advise you to join Flora Bowley e-courses to know how to paint with emotions.

Moreover, there are a lot of interesting things to buy from this store.

Just visit the shop to see anything you can bring home now!

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Three popular Flora Bowley courses to paint with emotions

REUNITE learn course

The course includes thirty unique Creative Wellness prompts and a Virtual Painting Retreat.

THe REUNITE course provides personal video, meditations, nourishing ways to move your body and connect it with your mind. It uses imaginative workouts, music playlists, and much more tactics to get your mind and your painting met. 

The Creative Wellness prompts are about tending to give you the simplest, most effective, and integrated ways possible to get you creative feel more energized, centered, and connected to your body.

In the Virtual Retreat section, you need to set up a painting space in your home, the materials, and what to expect. Flora includes sixty pre-recorded videos, along with a Live Open Studio Zoom Room and live Zoom Q + A calls. It helps you integrate the material and feel supported along the way

After all, everything you get is a new soulful skill — intuitive painting!

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Fresh paint course

This course is special for anyone who is seeking a distinctive visual voice, feeling stuck, wants to create something new. If you are ready to go deeper in their creative practice, why don’t you register your name in this course to receive

– Thirty professional videos featuring mixed-media art exercises and the creation of 100 paintings from start-to-finish

– Original audio files featuring original meditations and movement prompts.

– Extensive written content, gorgeous photography, and additional links/resources

– Access to full-length interviews with professional artists.

– Seven inspiring “series” offering unique ways to approach your paintings

– And much more materials for paint learning

The Fresh Paint E-Course is available for $345 USD. After the course, you will feel a change in yourself. You learn how to paint intuitively and allow yourself to play and experiment,  to make “mistakes” to let go of trying to control the outcome.

Flora Bowley-painting-course-paint-with-emotions

The Bloom True E-Course

The Bloom True E-Course offers a creative, life-changing approach to painting and living that respects intuition, links body, mind, and spirit. Moreover, it allows for the development of special, expressive paintings.

In the course, you receive

  • Over 30 professionally shot videos and over 30 lessons, including five theory lessons and 10 painting sessions.
  • A series of creative prompts.
  • The opportunity to ask questions directly to Flora and interviews with fellow artists
  • Basic yoga instruction.
  • Great painting music from a variety of musicians.
  • Downloadable audio painting prompts and audio meditation.

If you are new or just a professional painter you can join Flora Bowley e-courses to dive deeper into painting with emotions.

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