Do you want to have a professional uniform? Come and shop at (What Price Glory). It is the largest worldwide supplier of reenactor uniforms and equipment. Learn what customers say about products by reading review here.

Who is is a place where you can choose categories or simply enter your keyword to have your desired items. You can manage your account online, track your order, and contact Customer Service respectively.

Besides, they supply all the best re-enactment groups in the USA/ Europe. They also have supplied many films, TV shows/documentaries. Therefore, you can download our 100+ Pages catalog.

Moreover, most of the orders are now being shipped from our new warehouse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Their new shipping system provides for faster order processing and much better information to customers regarding the status of their orders.


Onlinemilitaria review


Some best-selling products

  • US Army M43 Para Trousers

A new run of M1943 trousers as modified for use by paratroopers in WWII and Korea. In addition, made in 100% cotton heavy sateen, with canvas cargo pockets and leg ties.

  • US M1899 Khaki Cotton Uniform Package

This Package consisting of M1899 Tunic and Breeches.

Breeches were slightly tapered and had button closure at the bottom. Besides, this uniform was worn extensively in the Philippines, Panama, and other tropical areas.

In addition, this uniform was worn with 1899 khaki leggings. The 1885 blue wool shirt could be worn under the coat in cold weather.

  • The MK VII Indiana Jones Bag Original

These bags appear to be in unissued condition, although some show minor corrosion of metal parts.

Besides, these bags come with their original cotton webbing strap. Leather strap as used in the movies is available as an add-on option.

Moreover, bags come in various shades of olive green. review from customers

  • Pretty straight forward: this leather strap and buckle work perfectly fine for a Raiders style gas mask bag strap. I’m happy with this strap and the price.
  • Thank you so much! I notice the more light than you had and you sell it to me! Great leather and beautiful! Fast shipping too!
  • Great product and price. Probably will order more on my next purchase, but as the price of these is so good. The cost of shipping prohibits an alone purchase of just a couple of pairs.


Onlinemilitaria review


What are Coupons? coupons reward customers with discounts. The discounts can either be:

  • Discount to the total price of the order
  • Discount to specific products
  • Coupon may be linked to an affiliate who will receive a commission on any orders made using that coupon. promo code can be used only once and they deduct a value from the total of the products ordered. Besides, coupons are automatically available for use after the customer has redeemed their points.

Especially, customers can enter the What Price Glory discount at any time checkout page. If the coupon is valid, the coupon discount separate line item in the order confirmation form.


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