You own a car and you are wondering about automotive accessories. Don’t worry about it, we will give you a solution – BlendMount. Find out about it through this BlendMount Review.

BlendMount Review

There are two halves for a Blendmount. The upper half is designed to pair with the vehicle’s RVM stem (the part that connects the RVM to your windshield). When you buy Blendmount on Amazon, they contact you before delivery to see what type of vehicle you have so they can send you the right model and mirrortap for your specific vehicle. The bottom half is designed to connect to your radar detector.

They come in versions designed for standard Escort / Beltronics detectors, for the sticky cup mount used in the Max/Max2/Max360/GT-7, the Valentine One, and others. They even have a mount designed for GoPros which I find quite handy.

BlendMount Review

BlendMount Review – Best RVM Radar Detector Mount

How does it work?

There’s a couple screws that you adjust with the included allen keys that let you adjust the angle, height, and position of the Blendmount so that you get it right where you want it.

Installing the Blendmount isn’t too bad, unless you’re sitting awkwardly trying to make everything look good on camera. Basically just loosen things, slide them on on the right spot, and tighten them down. Nothing too fancy. Everything is adjustable so you can get it right where you want it.

See the hook part at the bottom that would slide in to your RD? Sticking up on the top of that is what they call the “spring clip.” You squeeze that forward, the hook lowers down, and you can slide your RD on. Here’s a look at it in action.

The Max version of the Blendmount actually gives you the ability to pull the detector down. This is especially handy because the mute buttons are up on top of the Max series detectors so you’ll need a convenient way to access the mute button as well as the other buttons that lie up on top of the detector.

The Escort/Beltronics mount can do this as well to some extent since it’s needed by some variants of the detector like the RX65, but many of the detectors like the Redline or Magnum have all the buttons right on the face which is more convenient when using the Blendmount. The V1’s button on the front is very easy to access as well so its mount doesn’t need the ability to be pulled down. Therefore it doesn’t have that feature.

BlendMount Review

How To Buy a Blendmount

One way is to buy it directly from the company. On their website you can choose what car you drive, what type of mirror you have, and what radar detector you’re using. If you want to buy a Blendmount, the best deal you’ll find is buying it through Blendmount themselves and then using this special coupon code they gave me to share with you.

BlendMount Coupon Code

In addition, BlendMount recently released an updated version of their rearview mirror radar detector mount which they’re calling their BlendMount R Series. If you’re looking to get a new BlendMount, the new ones are even better than the old ones so go ahead and get one and enjoy.

Blend Mount has a huge of coupon and discount codes. Therefore, you can get an exclusive discount to buy items with suitable price at here – The Blendmount is an easy to install mounting solution, so take chance to get automotive accessories for your car now. Get ready?

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