Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel special and unique. If you want to find a trustworthy store, visit Vivamacity and grab delicate and luxurious pieces. Read our Vivamacity review to find more information.

What is Vivamacity?

Vivamacity is the ideal place to acquire jewelry where you won’t be settling for less at all. Decorating yourself with Vivamacity’s authentic jewelry will help you fulfill your magical fantasies.

Their jewelry proves to be iconic statement pieces whether they are delicate and detailed or simple and bold. It is often infused with the combination of Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver.

The magnificent and extraordinary designs you see are genuine designs by Katarina Viva herself. Besides, these enamoring and pristine jewelry pieces are 300% handcrafted!

Why should you choose Vivamacity jewelry?

All items listed on this website are handmade from scratch by Vivamacity Team in-office. Vivamacity takes their time to delicately handcraft each piece with patience to perfection.

Besides, their bejeweled pieces are produced by the finest Carbon-Neutral Technology. Therefore, the carbon-neutral fuel used is energy fuel that has no net greenhouse gas emissions to be incredibly environmentally friendly.

Besides, Vivamacity sells at very fair pricing, with no mark-ups at all. Everything should be done on time and the final result should be of the finest quality because you deserve the very best!


Vivamacity review


Vivamacity reviews from customers

  • I recently purchased a pendant necklace from Vivamacity and I absolutely love it! It is super cute and the quality is outstanding. I would 100% recommend purchasing jewelry from here!
  • First time buying from this website and I have to say this necklace is really shiny and the quality of it is really nice! Bought it as a present for my little sister and she fell in love with it!!
  • The earrings are very cute, I accidentally ordered silver instead of golf, but they are very elegant. The only thing is that they are a lot smaller than I thought they were.
  • I was very excited to get this ring I’ve been dying to buy some jewelry from Vivamacity I siked to get the ring omg the Angelic Ring I’m most definitely feeling glamorous.

To see all items up close, visit Vivamacity today. While visiting Vivamacity, you may also catch a ton of coupons, discounts, and promo codes. Hurry up! Last chance to receive 30% off on all orders with this latest Vivamacity coupon code.


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