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Proko coupon code

Proko coupon code: Art is a lifelong journey and it begins to improve with practice and professional tutorial only. There are many ways to learn your fundamentals and others and this is where Proko stands out.

You can also find many interesting art instruction videos at Proko. This place is a great resource for artists and I will show you some of the best of their courses and Proko coupon code in this article.

What is Proko?

Proko is a resource for artists who want to learn and improve with countless art tutorial videos. It was created by Stan Prokopenko, an artist and a teacher. The Proko tutorials make learning fun with their informative sessions motivating you to practice more. You get lots of inspiration and the best part is the fun videos.

Well, the core of Proko is fun. Although most of the videos are by Stan Prokopenko, there are other experts who come and share some of their knowledge. Besides, you can recommend someone who can contribute to the artist community through email.


What are the courses available on Proko?

There is a lot of video content divided into two categories – Free and Premium. Premium courses included:

  • Portrait Drawing Course
  • Figure Drawing Course
  • Anatomy Drawing Course
  • Caricature Drawing Course

Stan Prokopenko’s premium courses are designed to give artists a detailed understanding of a specific topic. While you can watch free video tutorials on YouTube, they don’t include all the extras of premium courses.

Premium courses are available for download; they include extensive videos, multiple exercises and examples, eBooks, review videos, and 3D models. It has all the additional content designed to improve your drawing skills! Each advanced course offers slightly different features.

Top courses of Proko

Here are the top courses of Proko. Also, you can read more reviews about their courses here.

Basic portrait painting course

This course will show you an effective approach to portraiture from any angle. Moreover, you also study the anatomy of the eyes, nose, lips, and ears. It is entertaining and you can watch it as many times as you like.

The basic portrait painting course contains 2 full-length, real-time demonstrations of how to take portraits from start to finish. It also allows you to use 3D models to practice and research.

Figure Drawing Fundamentals Course

Both beginners and advanced artists will love this course. You learn timeless concepts in an accessible and entertaining way. The course has quality videos that include extended versions of free videos.

There are many examples of each lesson as well as critical videos. Moreover, these premium videos are in-depth and include a lot of information on each topic.


Anatomy helps you interpret complex details while making portraits and drawings. This is the most expensive course on Proko and also the most detailed and well-done.

Proko coupon code
Proko Anatomy

What are the Advantages of Proko Art Courses?

There are many things that make their videos different from other standard online art courses. Here are some of the benefits you will get from Proko Art Courses:

– Each guide is carefully designed and polished. It is better produced, and presented, and has a good melody compared to similar videos.

– Extremely professional videos on a white background with no distractions.

– Each video is set at 720p, which helps to watch great. In fact, the new course is set at 1080p.

– Demos and extended content are available in premium videos based on free and downloadable content.

– You can check out what Premium Courses are like by signing up for a free trial 7 days in advance.

– Graphics, animations, and models are often used to represent all well-edited main concepts and videos.

– Stan has a great sense of humor reflected in the videos and this calms the mood and makes learning fun.

If you are interested in Proko courses and want to save your budget, choose package deals. When you buy multiple items as a package, you get a discount for them. You can go to the package section on their website to check the packages. In addition, you can enjoy the Proko coupon code at hotreview4u.

Now, go to Proko website and become a better artist through easy step-by-step tutorials. Don’t forget to use the Proko coupon code at checkout for extra savings.

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