SkyStream is a household name in the streaming box industry now – thanks to its first Android TV box. Today, I want to introduce their latest version through this SkyStream Pro 8K review.

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About SkyStream

SkyStream offers advanced streaming media players that allow you to watch your favorite movies, TV shows and sporting events through the app store. With over 65+ Live US Channels, SkyStream TV delivers HD content, 50 Hours of DVR & 7 Days of Catch Up all for a fraction of the cost!

Today, SkyStream Pro 8K is the newest addition to the brand’s streaming devices, and is quite impressed to see the company maintain the same high-quality design and performance in this new advanced device.

SkyStream Pro 8K has quickly gained a reputation among users and is known by many for its impressive performance and speed.

SkyStream Pro 8K Review

SkyStream Pro 8K Review

Discover the latest streaming device from SkyStream Pro 8K Review

Released in early 2020, SkyStream Pro replaces that SkyStream Three, which was one of the most popular streaming media players in 2019. The new box looks pretty the same on the outside, but there are some better updates on the inside, meaning significantly better performance, including streaming up to 8K.

The Tech

The SkyStream Pro has a 64-bit Quad Core and lruns off a lightning-fast S905X3 by Algomatic, placing it at the absolute top end in terms of technology when compared to all media streaming boxes currently on the market.

It also has new and improved software, running off Android 9.0 Pie, specifically designed for TV boxes. Previous versions of SkyStream don’t run TV box specific versions of Android, so the new experience is smoother and less glitchy.

SkyStream Updater

The remote that comes with the new SkyStream is a big improvement on previous versions. This new remote is native, pairs automatically via Bluetooth and is designed to work seamlessly with the box.

This is a streamlined simple remote, much like you see with most smart TVs and streaming players, but it also has a air-mouse function for easier navigation. It is also set up to work with Google voice commands.

This remote will probably be more than enough for the majority of users, but you can also purchase a separate air-mouse remote with the box. The remote has the benefit of being a complete keyboard on the back of it, which can make complex searches significantly less painful.

SkyStream Pro 8K Review

The remote that comes with the new SkyStream is a big improvement

SkyStream Pro 8K review – What about the apps?

The SkyStream Pro comes with the majority of the apps you might want for a streaming player already downloaded, or they can be easily accessed for download from the home screen.

Naturally, if you don’t find what you’re looking for there, you can always visit the Google Play store. SkyStream also supports APK Pure for anything outside of the app store that you might want to install on your device.

You’ll need to pay the regular subscription fee to access all of your favorite streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, through your SkyStream. However, SkyStream also comes with  a number of apps and channels that unlock hundreds of hours of completely free content.

How Much Does SkyStream Cost?

A SkyStream Pro 8K, with remote and HDMI cable included but no additions, currently costs $124.99 when you buy directly from SkyStream

You can purchase the SkyStream Pro 8K on Amazon, but I always recommend going directly through SkyStream website. You’ll get lightning fast deliveries and better access to their customer service that way.

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