If you want to save the urban environment, why don’t you try environment-friendly transportation like electric scooters? Let’s dive into the Urban Machina review about the three fastest electric scooters to save fuels and energy.

The New 2020 Evolv Tour


– Motor: 600W

– Speed: 45km/h

– Body weight: 18kg

– Tires: 8.5

– Battery: LG 48V 13aH

– Max Load: 120 kg

– Charge Time: 6.5 hrs

– Foldable Size 110 x 19 x 34 cm

43.3 x 7.5 x 13.3 in

2020 Evolv Tour is efficient, eco-friendly, and effective. The 600 motor is silent within the rear wheel. With this innovative motor and reliable LG lithium-ion battery, you can reach a speed of 45km/h. the distance from home to work is shorter thanks to this fast personal transportation.

The dual suspension offers full comfort for any ride. A kick plate made of metal to give your foot a stronger grip while riding quickly. Moreover, with the locking pull lever for folding and unfolding, packing it away is easy.

The scooter is equipped with LED lights to keep you safe at night as well.

If you are only 7-8 km away from work, buy a 2020 Evolv Tour is ideal for having fun on the road while keeping the environment clean.

Urban Machina review- The New 2020 Evolv Tour

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– Range: 25 – 35 km (City) / 35 – 45 km (City Plus)

– 16 – 22 mi. (City) / 22 – 28mi. (City Plus)

– Top Speed: 35 km/h

– Weight: 18 kg/ 20 kg

– Max Load: 120kg

– Powertrain: 720W Peak / 1100W Peak (City Plus)

– Battery: LG 36V 10.4 Ah

EVOLV City has two lines of models: The city and the City Plus. In comparison with The New 2020 Evolv Tour model, the EVOLV City is slower in top speed, a little heavier in weight, and shorter in range of distance.

However, it has a better price and seems to be one of the cheapest electric scooters. You can buy it for $999 and use coupon codes in this Urban Machina review to cut the price off.

This an also an environment-friendly scooter we highly recommend to use for those with tighter budgets.

Urban Machina review- EVOLV City


This is a premium line of Urban Machina electric scooter.

Range: 65 – 70 km

Top Speed: 70 km/h

Weight: 36 kg

Max Load: 150kg

Charge Time: 8hrs

Battery: Samsung 60V 21Ah

As you can see, this model has more outstanding features than others. It offers higher speed, longer distance, and allows you to load more.

However, to get high performance, you need more time to charge the battery and have to carry a bigger scooter of 36kg.

Urban Machina review- EVOLV City

Urban Machina review

If you are not too far from work and want to keep the environment clean, you should own an electric scooter from Urban Machina.

It’s an environment-friendly product with high speed that helps you move fast and smoothly on the street.

When you are on a scooter, you look cool and free. Just ride the way you want.

Free shipping applies to any US or Canada order. That helps you save more money

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