BoardUp Review 2020 – Cool Self-folding Longboard For Perfect Rides

BoardUp Review 2020 - Cool Self-folding Longboard For Perfect Rides

Do you remember the last time you feel excited when riding a longboard? Let BoardUp bring back adventure to your trip with their flagship self-folding longboard. Don’t hesitate! Read our BoardUp review 2020 right here.

Best Things About BoardUp

Best Things About BoardUp Review 2020
Best Things About BoardUp Review 2020

People often have the same problems when it comes to skateboards. Firstly, it messes up your clothes. Secondly, you may accidentally bump into others. To solve these issues, BoardUp has created the world’s first self-folding portable longboard. Until now, there are more than 2000 units sold all over the world.

So, which features make BoardUp longboard become a perfect personal transportation solution? Let’s find out with us!

Rugged & Robust

Rugged & Robust - BoardUp Review 2020
Rugged & Robust – BoardUp Review 2020

Specialists have tested different materials to find out the best one for a self-folding longboard. Their purpose is creating a super durable skateboard that is suitable for any trip. Finally, they choose Canadian Maple wood. This material has high strength, hardness and resistance to abrasion. Therefore, it is ideal for high traffic and frequently use. Besides, designers also add an extra thick board and an extra layer of fiber glass.

Flexible & Changeable

Whether you prefer the normal BoardUp-classic or the electric version, this product always meets your requirement. In other words, you can install BoardUp longboard on trucks of any brand thanks to its advanced motor design.

Low Maintenance Cost

It’s really easy to maintain BoardUp longboard as you can replace the rubber motor wheels. Moreover, the entire hub motor fits into any standard trucks. So, people can reuse their trucks if they want.

Convience & Safe

Convience & Safe - BoardUp Review 2020
Convience & Safe – BoardUp Review 2020

All BoardUp products are designed to withstand your riding style. When using their longboards, you can experience the express life in a easy way. For example, the concave deck makes turning comfortable. The soft bushing makes making sharp turns effortless. In addition, there is the rubber in the middle which will help you avoid finger clicks. In order to fold up the board, you just kick the kick pad.

BoardUp Review 2020: Buy Longboard At Low Price

Buy Longboard At Low Price - BoardUp Review 2020
Buy Longboard At Low Price – BoardUp Review 2020

Shipping & Warranty

The company has the free shipping policy for domestic orders. If you’re abroad, you just have to pay $19.99 for delivery.

Moreover, customers don’t have to worry about the product quality. First, the company provides 1 year warranty for all items. Second, you can enjoy 120-day warranty on the deck from the date of purchase. And finally, you will get $10 for finding a defect in their BoardUp received.


BoardUp is now offering lots of products with different designs and prices. If you want to bag yourself a bargain, remember to visit We’ll give the latest BoardUp coupon codes for you.

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