If you want to buy silk blanket, silk scarf, silk pajamas, silk tie and everything in silk, then Silk Camel is the perfect choice. Follow my Silk Camel review to discover their products.

Why choose Silk?

First, let’s explore why silk is more special than other fabrics.

  • Silk’s natural properties to aphids, dust mites, and mold make it suitable for use in bedding, especially for allergies.
  • The comforter made of natural silk can have you stay dry and wick away moisture from the body, reducing humidity that causes sleeps too hot or too cold.
  • A silk-filled comforter has an airy, fluffy loft that has moderate puffiness that’s less poufy than down. This creates a drapery, light-weight feel that easily conforms to your body.
  • Certified silk comforter ensures the fibers are free of harmful substances — no skin irritants or toxic outgassing.
  • Long mulberry silk floss strands can be thousands of yards in length! This ensures the comforter filling layers never bunch or shift.
  • Aslo, Silk bedding is much healthier for us than a feather, down or synthetic bedding.

Silk Camel Review

Silk Camel Review – Who they are?

Silk Camel is your one stop shop for silk products for your life. They offer the best silk comforter, silk blanket, silk scarf, silk pajamas, silk everything.

With SilkCamel, you never need to worry about the quality of your products as they are largest and top-level manufacturer in the silk industry. When shopping at Silk Camel, you have the perfect product at the right price for your bedding, clothes, accessories and gifts.

Silk Camel Products

In addition to online retail and wholesale via the US, Silk Camel designs customized and personalized products for hotels, companies, organizations, groups and events such as:

  • Luxurious comforters and blankets for the hotel
  • Customized scarves or ties for graduates and teachers from schools (university, college, high school elementary and even kindergarten)
  • Personalized scarves or ties for ladies and gentlemen in a lovely large family
  • Special design of iPhone cases for corporation cell phones
  • Customized silk blanket for kids in summer camps
  • Personalized design of silk pajamas for wedding guests

Silk Camel Review

Silk Camel Review – Feedbacks from Customers

Well, before you make a purchase, you can read some reviews from their customers.

  • ” It’s really thin so I was a little put off initially, but it keeps me warm and is so amazing. “
  • “It is light weighted even with a duvet cover.”
  • ” Since it’s protected by a cotton duvet cover, care has also been very easy.”
  • ” We sleep with the patio wide open so the temperature in our bedroom is cool but not usually much below 60 degrees. “
  • ” It’s been very comfortable this summer-much more so than our old bedspread, and because we live in the South, it will be great year round. “
  • ” It is very light and extremely soft. … I love just rubbing the thing together and feeling just how soft the silk is inside. “
  • ” I’ve slept with it 2 nights now and i haven’t got hot, sweaty or had to kick a leg out from under the comforter to cool off lol.”
  • “With that summer comforter on my bed, I was able to sleep deeply, didn’t wake up too hot or cold. “
  • ” It’s so soft! … I bought a cover to go with it and you can still feel how silky soft it is even with it on. “

If you are interested in Silk Camel products, visit their website at: www.silkcamel.com.

Currently, the products are also being discounted a lot. Buy now to get a good price!

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