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Healthy Life - Urban Hydration Review

Urban Hydration can bring a wonderful experience for those who love natural products. This online store provides skincare, hair, and body care products. Read our Urban Hydration review to explore this shop.

Reasons To Choose Urban Hydration

Solution For Healthy Life

Many people face issues from their dry skin and dry hair. Psyche and Vontoba are the founders of this store. They have the same problem as others. Therefore, they want to create products that can make the beauty routine more natural and affordable.

Clean Beauty - Urban Hydration Review
Clean Beauty – Urban Hydration Review

At first, they just share the new collection with their friends and family. And then, they receive so many good reviews from people who try their items. Therefore, they decide to offer these natural products to everyone around the world.

Urban Hydration has created by the love for clean beauty. Today, the store provides skincare, hair, and body care products to more than 7,000 retail doors. Their main purpose is to help others solve their skin/body/hair problems with natural ingredients.

Real Natural Products

Real Natural Product - Urban Hydration Review
Real Natural Product – Urban Hydration Review

What makes me most satisfied about this store are the natural ingredients inside their products. The company affirms that all products were made without requiring refrigeration. For example, they use natural sea salt and sugar to create their scrubs.

As a result, this product line is 99.7% natural. How great! Their collection includes skincare, hair care, and bath & body care. All of them contain coconut oil, natural fruits and extracts, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E.

NONE of their products include propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, or paraffin. You can be assured of the quality of these natural products.

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Besides, they use part of their earning for charity. The company helps provide clean drinking water through Water is Life. That means you are making a donation for every product you buy from Urban Hydration.

Urban Hydration Review From Real Customers

Shea and Castor Oil - Urban Hydration Review
Shea and Castor Oil – Urban Hydration Review

Nicole L: Bright & Balanced Aloe Vera Leaf Spot Cream makes my skin feel smooth and supple. Acne scars are starting to lighten.

Yolanda: I love the Bright & Balanced Aloe Vera Leaf Facial Gel Mask! It has made my acne scars (that I’ve had for years) go away!

Ronnya M: I only have good things to say about the shampoo, light, clean feeling when washing my hair. The Honey Health & Repair Shampoo works great on the texture of hair.

DEBRA W: The smell is stunning and delightful. I really appreciate this Lemon Body Lotion. Your product is of the best standard.

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