Parents have been spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per year on tutoring study skills for students at home. What a big expenditure while they don’t know how effective the results are. Now you have a better solution with the Soar learning program from Discover review to know more.

Why do we need Soar learning?

In the school year, students have to learn a lot of things from textbooks and society. Meanwhile, at their ages, they don’t know how to organize, manage, and process time and tasks to get the best results in the study. That’s why Soar learning is here to help. Soar learning is specially designed for struggling students.

Even teachers, educators, parents can see Soar learning as a reference in teaching students at school and at home. You know that not many teachers are trained to optimize learning and organizing. Their guidance and suggestions may be complex and time-intensive. review 3 review-What does Soar learning offer?

  • Identify students’ strengths & “SuperPowers” (according to Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences). When teachers and students both know the strengths of a person, they will know the right ways of how to promote that student. And that student also knows how to upgrade himself based on his strengths. Moreover, knowing their strengths encourages them more to study harder to reach a new level.
  • Set goals: Students need to set goals for study but not all students know how to set goals. Even there, Soar learning also offers methods to set goals for students. Then they can follow those goals to get better results in the study.
  • Establish priorities
  • Manage time. Yes, students are bad at managing time, even students in college don’t know how to balance time for subjects and time for study and relaxing. Forget it. because Soar learning teaches how to manage time effectively. The students will know what to prioritize and never miss the deadline, especially at the time of the final examination.
  • Organize papers, desks, lockers, & other spaces. Space also affects the study. Therefore, Soar learning teaches how to organize things around students as well. As a result, they will find more inspiration for studying.
  • Speak & listen effectively
  • Work with teachers & peers
  • Read and understand textbooks
  • Take notes
  • Study for tests
  • Write research papers
  • Prepare for presentations
  • Track long-term goals review pricing

  • SOAR Learning & Soft Skills App Plus has a price of $299, much cheaper than the amount parents have to spend a year to home tutoring.
  • SOAR Learning & Soft Skills App – Home Edition has a price of $99.
  • Meanwhile, SOAR Learning & Soft Skills App – Home Edition Additional Child License is at $29.99 only
  • SOAR® Study Skills Workbook is also at $29.

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