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Nouvolo review

You want to find a trustworthy place to buy high-quality computer equipment and accessories, choose Nouvolo. Read our Nouvolo review to find more information.

Aquanaut Combo

The Aquanaut (Combo/Extreme) is a space-saving CPU block and pump mount combo designed for clean, minimalist bespoke loop constructions. It attaches to the top of the CPU and serves as both a CPU water block and a pump mount. It works with AMD (AM4) and Intel (115X) sockets and standard DDC (Laing compatible) pumps.

Nouvolo combines aesthetics and performance with no compromise. An acrylic water block, mounting attachments for the motherboard, and a cold plate with microchannel fins for directed water flow and enhanced heat transfer are included in the kit. This item does not come with a pump, allowing consumers to mix and match the pumps of their choice.

Borg – Minimalist SFF Cube PC Case

Borg is an SFF PC (Small Form Factor) desktop computer case with a simple design. Its cube design is elegant and symmetrical, and it offers high-performance computing using common PC components. It enables a wide range of custom PC setups, including video creation, gaming, streaming, media center, and even everyday use.

Borg is not only beautiful on the outside, but it also performs well in terms of form and function. Thermodynamics is improved by using meshed panels on all sides. Despite its small size (about 12L), it supports both air tower and AIO liquid cooling.

Double slots and a maximum length of 210mm support high-performance graphics cards. Its streamlined exterior is accented by address RGB lighting on all four sides, with remotely controllable lighting effects.


Nouvolo review


Steck – Small Form Factor SFF PC Case

Steck is a small form factor (SFF) PC desktop computer case that is ultra-compact and has a minimalist and modern design. It’s built to be as little as possible while still giving top-notch performance and supporting industry-standard hardware (mini-ITX). Steck supports a wide range of users, including creative professionals, gamers, streamers, YouTubers, and programmers, who all require unique PC builds.

Many third-party standard computer components, such as the CPU, motherboard, cooling, power supply, graphics cards, and storage, are compatible with Steck. There is an optional liquid cooling stack unit for overclocking and quiet operation for enthusiasts who want to push for extreme performance.

Nouvolo review from customers

  • When it comes to building off, this is a hidden gem. Despite the pandemic, the order arrived in two weeks and fit nicely in with everything else. However, because the only way out is through the rad, bleeding the system took a lot longer. If you buy the Aquanaut, you’ll probably need some long bolts because neither this product nor any other DDC pump on the market comes with them.
  • The vendor was quite helpful and provided excellent guidance throughout the transaction, making it a very smooth and pleasant experience. The item was also received in good condition! We hope to work together again in the future!
  • He’s a great man to work with! Genuine and trustworthy seller. Before selling the product, he was eager to show me and demonstrate it. The item is in good condition and exactly as promised. The transaction went smoothly.

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