Sir Waggingtons Review: Save the Landfills by Using 100% Organic Bags

Sir Waggingtons review

Using Sir Waggingtons bags is a good replacement for plastic bags. Read more about Sir Waggingtons review and use Sir Waggingtons discounts of up to 50% off. 

When the new plastic bag was invented, people considered it as a great invention, a waterproof, sustainable material in nature. However, it is that non-biodegradable property that makes it dangerous for the environment. The plastic bags dyed in blue, and red, if they contain processed foods, will be toxic to food because they contain metals such as lead.

In addition, cadmium is also harmful to the brain and is the main cause of cancer. According to scientists, it takes 500-1,000 years for plastic bags to decompose on their own.

Sir Waggingtons review

With the current rate of use, people are paying the price for the pollution every day, every hour. So what is the solution to limit the use of plastic bags?

Let’s use Sir Waggingtons’ non-plastic dog poop bags for a better replacement.

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Waggingtons non-plastic dog poop bags reviews

Sir Waggington’s dog poop bags are 100% organic because they are made of cornstarch. The materials make Waggingtons’ non-plastic dog poop bags more robust and thicker than plastic dog bags.

It only takes this material around three months to decompose in landfills instead of taking thousands of years like plastic.

Unlike most plastic dog poop bags, our bags are thick and won’t shred or rip. They can also accommodate larger feces. Each bag measures 9 inches wide by 14 inches tall.

You can put any kind, any size of waste in the bag. It’s strong enough to carry the waste.

Pay $25 to get the bags for a one-time purchase

What else does Sir Waggingtons have?

Sir Waggington’s Dog Poop Caddy

You know as a dog owner that garbage cans aren’t always available. It’s also not fun to lug around a full poop bag. Our caddy is the answer! The waste caddy from Sir Waggington is a discreet and hands-free way to transport full poop bags. Say goodbye to lugging poop-filled bags on your walks and hikes.


Sir Waggington’s Dog Grooming Kit

Maintain your pet’s appearance at all times without having to spend a fortune on frequent grooming visits. Sir Waggington’s clipper is extremely quiet, allowing your dog to relax throughout grooming sessions.


Sir Waggington’s Poop Bag Holders

Sir Waggington’s Poop Bag Holders are stylish and functional.  The Vegan Leather is very strong. Now you can walk with your dog in style.


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