Earth Runners Review

Inspired by ancient huarache running sandals, Earth Runners has created comfortable, primal-approved earthing adventure sandals. Their sandals offer a balance of barefoot protection from the terrain underfoot and preservation of maximum proprioceptive awareness. Read our Earth Runners review to find more information about Earth Runners’ products as well as Earth Runners discount programs.

Earth Runners sandals

Earth Runners allow you to traverse all of Earth’s geologic and hydrologic conditions while keeping you secure and free. Their minimalist sandals offer ample ground feel and feature grounded conductive laces which mimic the primal experience of being barefoot. This technology enables the feet to engage in earthing, or grounding, which is considered to be one of the most foundational health practices. Earthing supports healthy circadian biology through its normalizing action on cortisol hormone secretion and blood flow, helping lower inflammation, improve sleep, and speed recovery. The minimal-yet-robust huarache sandal design–the inspiration for Earth Runners–made the skill of dynamic long-range hunting by our ancestors possible.

Earth Runners review
Best Hiking and Running Sandals

Some best-selling Earth Runners Sandals

  • Backpacking Sandals

The Circadian is great for those with strong feet who are well suited to go backpacking in minimalist sandals. For those who are still transitioning and building their strength, the Alpha offers a little extra sandal to help smooth things out for the long haul.

  • Water Sandals

Whether River trekking, canyoneering or any other water adventure, traverse Earth’s geology and hydrology confidently with Earth Grip foot-bed.

  • Walking Sandals

Don’t be fooled by the name Earth Runners, these are your do-everything-sandals from an ultra-marathon to a stroll in the park. Their Circadian strikes a perfect balance between comfort and ground feel, great for walking.

  • Hiking Sandals

Get the most out of your time spent in nature by minimizing the interference between you and the earth. Stay true to the comfort and freedom of going barefoot while not being limited to where you can go with these sandals.

Earth Runners review
Hiking Sandals

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