You want to find helping hands with third-hand tools and vises for professional and serious hobbyists. For your next project, let QuadHands hold what your hands create. Keep reading this QuadHands review to find more information.

What is QuadHands?

QuadHands wanted a durable, well-made helping hands gadget for their product development lab. They also required some additional “hands” to make it genuinely useful. The other devices could only hold their product with two hands. When it comes to most electronic jobs, that isn’t enough. With solder in one hand and an iron in the other, they needed extra hands to grasp wire or a component while working on the project. As a result, the QuadHands “four-armed” assisting hand device was born, in true “scratch our own itch” fashion.

They have chosen a different road than the other corporations, which are racing to the bottom in terms of quality in order to bring ever-cheaper products to market. Design and manufacture goods that not only accomplish what they’re supposed to do but also last a long time.

QuadHands Products

The variety of QuadHands they’ve created is astounding, and the incredible utility of this one-of-a-kind instrument is even more so. Choose whichever option best suits your needs; in fact, if you’re still undecided, choose a couple.

QuadHands has a wide range of alternatives for whatever you’re working on: electronics, jewelry, assembly, and soldering are all simple tasks with them. They have a solution for whatever you’re trying to do. QuadHands can do it all, from providing more control to your PanaVise to finding a portable solution for field repairs.

Some best-selling products:

  • Magnetic WorkBench – Helping Hands Tool
  • QuadHands LED 3x Magnifier
  • Deluxe Magnetic WorkBench
  • QuadHands® Classic Helping Hands


QuadHands review


QuadHands review from customers

  • With flexible (but not too flexible) arms and cushioned clamps, this is extremely stable. So much better than the low-cost alternatives, and it’s made in the United States. It’s extremely useful when trying to solder three objects together, such as when making a Y-cable.
  • I’ve never had a better helping hand for a soldering tool. Arms’ sturdiness and flexibility make them a very useful instrument. Rubber boots can be removed from clips. Excellent quality. The fact that it is made in the United States is a selling point.
  • Great build quality, extremely stable, and absolutely necessary for holding items while I solder. QuadHands is highly recommended for everyone who has ever desired an extra hand.

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