Children often lose focus when studying. The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks book can help you solve this problem. It provides useful brain break exercises to help your children improve their concentration.

What Is Brain Breaks?

Brain Breaks Activities for Kids
Brain Breaks Activities for Kids

Simply put, it is a method to help the brain rest so that it can be more active later. This method includes both physical and mental activity. It usually used to increase the concentration and productivity of our work and study.

In this review, I want to show you the best brain breaks guide for parents and teachers.

How To Wake-Up The Brain

The Best Brain Breaks Book

Brain Breaks Book Helps Your Kids Focus
Brain Breaks Book Helps Your Kids Focus

“The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks” is truly a great tool for parents and teachers in shaping children’s ability to concentrate. At the beginning, you will discover the reason why many children struggle with getting distracted. In addition, the book explains the importance of movement for optimal concentration.

Next, the concept of brain breaks will be covered. Readers will know the meaning and benefits of brain breaks activities.

Moreover, the brain breaks book also includes 60 entertaining-fun exercises to make it easier for kids to focus on learning. Especially, each movement comes with detailed instructions and pictures. In other words, kids can easily practice these exercises with the guidance of parents or teachers.

Finally, you gradually learn how to apply brain breaks to help your kids focus in their distracted age. However, this method is not only for your children or your students, but also for yourself. That means you can also learn fun brain breaks in this amazing book.

Price & Discount

You have two options when purchasing this book. The print version is $25.00 and the digital copy is just $15.00. All of 60 strategic brain break exercises contain cards to print and cut out. So, you and your kids can learn these movements quickly.

Great Offer

Great Offer

Follow for more great deals and Ultimate Brain Breaks discounts.

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