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Lucho Poletti review

Lucho Poletti Review: Tired of crypto companies slapping poop-coin logos on tees? Check out Lucho’s collection of focused iconic works created with the goal of spreading the Bitcoin message. Read our Lucho Poletti review to find more information.

What is Lucho Poletti?

Lucho Poletti has been a full-time crypto-artist since late 2017 and is widely regarded as a top artist within the Bitcoin community. They have concentrated heavily on creating digital stills in a variety of styles. Banknotes and bearer bonds, as well as political posters and pop culture icons and symbols, are all available.

Lucho Poletti focuses on many of the characteristics that distinguish Bitcoin from digital gold. They convey this message through quotes from the Winklevoss twins as well as imagery in the artwork in Gold With Wings.

Limited Edition Prints

Hand-signed and numbered limited edition prints produced locally. Verisart time-stamped each print on the Bitcoin blockchain and includes a certificate of authenticity with all relevant information for the art piece (title, medium, dimensions, edition/volume).

All variants are included in each Limited edition. If multiple sizes or formats are available, the edition number applies to all sizes and formats. Custom frames and other personalization are available upon request. Lucho collaborates closely with a local framer who does an outstanding job.

Lucho Poletti review

Lucho Poletti review from customers

  • This is my favorite piece in the entire set. I can’t wait to hang this alongside the other two in my office. There is so much detail.
  • It’s a blessing to have one of these pieces. For me, Lucho’s work embodies the Bitcoin art movement. A talented artist and a great guy, he also assisted with the framing of this piece. Thanks
  • Lucho Poletti is one of my favorite artists in the crypto space and has been for a long time; it’s an honor to own this piece and to have it framed this week! On the Ethereum Blockchain, I now own a Lucho physical and a Lucho NFT. I’m having a great time!

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