Apart from tampons, menstrual cups is also a good option for your period. However, it’s hard for some women to become comfortable with the cup. If you’re looking for a soft and high quality menstrual cup, you can visit Saalt.

Why Women Choose Saalt?

Why women choose Saalt
Why women choose Saalt

The store offers useful products to help women care for themselves in a healthy and sustainable way. Cherie and Amber are the founders of Saalt. They realize that it’s necessary to give better period-care for women who are marginalized due to their periods. Therefore, Cherie and Amber have a desire of creating the perfect menstrual cup.

Durable & Premium Material

The saalt cup is made of 100% medical-grade, soft silicone. It will collect your menstrual flow instead of absorbing like a tampon. This reusable cup is odorless, bio-compatible, and chemical free. Because of these factors, saalt cup has become a healthy and sustainable replacement to pads and tampons.

Soft and Durable - Saalt Review
Soft and Durable – Saalt Review

With proper care, each cup can last up to 10 years. However, you need to replace your cup when you find the silicone has visible signs of wear or deterioration.

Fit The Internal Shape

You can use the saalt cup for up to 12 hours before emptying. Therefore, you just have to wear 2 cup per day. Moreover, it’s really comfortable to wear it while walking, swimming or sleeping. That’s because the company has designed the saalt cup in the flexible way. Their products can completely fit your internal shape.

Diverse Sizes

The small size of saalt cup can hold the fluid that is 3 times larger than the amount of a regular tampon. Its big size even holds 30 ml of fluid while the largest tampons max out at 18 ml of fluid. If you decided to buy a saalt cup, you need to choose a perfect size for yourself. Remember that the small cup is for lighter flows and the regular size is for heavier flows. People with a lower cervix should buy the small cup as the regular cup is fit for women with a higher cervix.

Various sizes of Saalt cups
Various sizes of Saalt cups

Each saalt soft cup comes with a stem in order to locate the cup. You can easily trim off part or the entire stem if you want. However, you must not trim the stem while inserting the cup. You need to trim on one of the indentations to reach the desired length. Moreover, it’s important to be careful as you won’t want to tear the cup.

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