5 types of underwear that every woman should own

types of underwear

Types of underwear: Normally, women are more interested in bras than underwear. But underwear also plays a very important role. When you choose a pair of underwear that doesn’t suit your outfit, it will lead to an impolite image.

Each outfit is suitable for a certain type of underwear and here are 5 types of underwear that every woman should own.


types of underwear

Modeled after men’s briefs, they are more rectangular in shape than most panties – perhaps the most modest option available. They have a thong-style base but framed the entire bottom with full coverage on the sides and front.

This is the type of underwear with absolute confidentiality, so they can be completely assured when wearing a short skirt! However, when choosing this underwear, you should choose the same color as the dress or close to the skin color to avoid offense.


Probably more commonly known as “granny panties”, this design provides full coverage of the region and a high waistband. They might not have the sexiest connotation but so what?

Every girl needs a pair of honest-to-goodness basic underwear that she can turn to in times of need.

 types of underwear

Best time to wear them: When you are having the #time of the month. These are really life saviors because they give you a lot of coverage, making you feel really secure down there.

Also, they usually come in relatively plain designs, so you won’t have to worry about ruining your fancy underwear.


 types of underwear

This type of underwear is designed according to women’s swimming trunks. The front and back of these pants are triangular, its waistband is thinner than hipster pants.

They do not cover the whole buttock but are preferred by many women as they can be worn daily and very comfortably. This is one of the most popular types of underwear today.

Perfect for days when you want to wear something a little sexy but not racy.


Thongs are unconventional when we talk about underwear in a practical sense. However, they are one of the most sought-after undies for most women as we do not have to worry about the panty line with this one.

Thongs come with a waistband like your regular panties but have a very narrow string that runs from the front to the rear.

Best time to wear them: This is the style that people turn to when they are wearing form-fitting clothes as it provides no coverage on the butt — hence no visible panty lines. Panty lines are not okay, period.

So if you are rocking a bodycon dress or any fitted bottoms, you should definitely consider these to provide a seamless look underneath your clothes.


If you are used to thongs, G-strings must be familiar too. These are a fancier variant of your thongs and have no waistband. They have thin strings instead of the regular waistband and a very narrow coverage for the panty line.

When To Wear – Swimwear, shorts, white jeans, dresses, etc.

Tips for using underwear

– Give top priority to breathable, tight-fitting underwear that doesn’t fit too tight or loose and doesn’t create marks on the skin.
– Change underwear often, do not use them for a long time or wear underwear for more than a day.
– With designer underwear such as Thongs, or G-String … you should not be too abused, because bacteria can quickly enter the vaginal area and cause infection.
– Regularly after 06 months or up to 1 year, you need to refresh your underwear closet. Get rid of the old underwear!
– Don’t forget to clean your vagina regularly, if your underwear has stains or smells, then you should check your personal life habits.
– Choose a reputable brand or store to buy.

The world of women’s underwear is diverse, isn’t it? Hopefully, the article “5 types of underwear that every woman should own” from hotreview4u will help you have more experience in choosing the right underwear.

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