Roses And Teacups Review – Romantic Victorian Gifts

A beautiful moment can be many things. Roses And Teacups sells items that they consider beautiful and beautifully feminine. Read our Roses And Teacups review to find more information.

Who is Roses And Teacups?

Roses And Teacups provide items that they believe are lovely and feminine. The topic of most of their goods is tea or flowers. Although the products are new, many of them have old or Victorian elements.

They sell things created in the United States by women and families in cottage industries and small businesses as much as feasible. Many objects are manufactured entirely by hand or in part by hand. Imported goods come from well-known, respected manufacturers.

Their artists and artisans make objects of exceptional quality and beauty, and they would never want to cut corners. Please keep in mind that ordering things that require customization and handcrafting takes time.

They are able to develop a firm that has something for every price range for their customers by selling a large number of different things (over 4000!).

Some best-selling products

  • Celestine Porcelain Discount Teapot

The Celestine Porcelain Teapot, which is part of their Discount Teapots range, holds 36 ounces. The teapot has a lovely pink rosette on one side and a little blue forget me not on the other, both with a green leaf pattern and 24K gold trim on a spiral design.

  • Romantic Lace Hangers

Their lace hangers are beautiful clothing hangers for your most treasured goods, and they look great in guest room closets and exhibition places. Choose from a variety of beaded and non-beaded hangers, all of which are adorned with florals and lace. Lace and embellishments are subject to change.


Roses And Teacups review


  • Windsor Ceramic Tea Cups Set of 3

Ceramic Teacups and Saucers Set of 3 measures 6 ounces, is microwave and dishwasher safe, and is constructed of ceramic. Dimensions: 2.25-inch-high teacup with a 4.75-inch-wide base and a 3.5-inch-wide opening 6.5-inch-diameter saucer. Their bulk tea mugs all meet or exceed FDA safety standards.

Roses And Teacups review from customers

  • I used to shop here frequently, but it’s been a few years. Everything about Rose and Teacups appeals to me. I’ve been delighted with everything I’ve received from them. I purchased a number of items as gifts. I’m going shopping again. Thank you very much.
  • I’ve bought Tea Cups, Decorative Items, and now this lovely Perfume Bottle Nightlight! Everything I bought was one-of-a-kind and beautiful! I’ve never had an issue with shipping, and the wrapping has always been excellent!
  • These cards appear to be lovely, and I’m looking forward to receiving the one I choose. The weight of the card material disappointed me a little. I liked the presentation and was pleased to discover the verse on the backside. The hankie was lovely.

Add a touch of old-time beauty to your home with their new sachet ornaments now! Don’t forget to use Roses And Teacups coupon codes to enjoy many interesting discounts!


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