Really Simple SSL is a popular WordPress plugin with more than 5 million activations. It has 2 main functions: settings detection and website configuration. Take more information in my Really Simple SSL review.

You Use Really Simple SSL To

Benefits of installing Really Simple SSL review
Benefits of installing Really Simple SSL review

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of installing this WordPress plugin.

  • Firstly, it moves your website to SSL. No matter what problem your site has with SSL, the plugin will solve it as quickly as possible. For example, Really Simple SSL is very helpful in case there are no passed-over headers that WordPress can use to detect SSL.
  • Secondly, this plugin configures your website to run over https. Therefore, it will redirect every incoming requirement to https. Although the internal WordPress redirect is an default option, users are able to choose the .htaccess redirect.
  • In addition, the siteurl and homeurl also turn to https. The rest of the data remains unchanged.
  • Finally, you don’t have to worry about your insecure content. Really Simple SSL will replace all http:// URL’s with https://. However, the plugin still retains all hyperlinks to other domains.

How Really Simple SSL Protect Your Site

Protect Your Site with Really Simple SSL review
Protect Your Site with Really Simple SSL review

To ensure safety for your website, the mixed content fixer and scan has been added. This plugin also identifies the content source that cannot be edited automatically by using the fix button. Besides, it helps you secure and encrypted cookies with HttpOnly and Secure flags.

Really Simple SSL includes many security headers which can be done easily. They are X-Frame-Options, Certificate Transparency, X-Content-Type-Options, etc. Moreover, users can protect their domains better thanks to the HTTP Strict Transport Security.

Really Simple SSL Review: Price & Discount

You can choose one out of three packages from Really Simple SSL.

Price of Really Simple SSL review
Price of Really Simple SSL review
  • The Personal (Single License) is the cheapest package. You just pay $29 for 1 year support and updates​​​.
  • However, the Professional is the most popular package from Really Simple SSL. Users own it with only $59 and then they can use this plugin for up to 5 domains.
  • The Agency with Unlimited access costs $159 for 1 year support and updates. It also offers the Multisite plugin.

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