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Themeover review

Themeover review: Themeover is one of the moderately popular websites, with around 45,000 visitors from all over the world monthly. You can customize your theme with point-and-click editing, and design responsive grids at Themeover. Read our Themeover review to find more information.

What is Themeover?

Themeover is the home of Microthemer. Microthemer is a WordPress CSS generator that puts the joy of web design into the hands of non-web designers.

CSS is the language of design on the web, so you can use Microthemer to customize the default design of your theme or any plugin content. It provides a point-and-click visual interface so you don’t have to write the CSS code yourself. Microthemer has been around for many years and has a large fan base of non-coders and experienced programmers.

Themeover features

  • Drag and drop CSS grid controls

Microthemer is the perfect tool for learning the CSS grid with stabilizers.

  • Responsive design for mobile and tablets

Their site preview automatically changes size to match any screen-specific styles you add.

  • Huge selection of CSS styling options

Enjoy an extensive range of 100+ CSS styling options.

  • Quick and easy access to Google fonts

Save time and effort by visually browsing Google fonts without leaving the Microthemer app.

  • Live editing

Using Microthemer enables you to see your style edits appear on the screen as you apply them.

  • Draft mode

Draft mode provides a safe environment for applying bold new changes to your site.

  • Use as a JavaScript Editor

Microthemer also supports custom JavaScript code, meaning you can use it as a complete front-end WordPress editor.

  • WordPress design for all levels

Microthemer is a WordPress customizer for all levels, from web design novices to experienced developers.


Themeover review


What is the difference between the monthly and yearly plans?

The monthly plan gives you access to the latest version of Microthemer with the lowest upfront cost. If you cancel your subscription, you will not be able to use Microthemer at full capacity. Microthemer will switch to “Free trial mode”. That means you will not be able to make style edits beyond the first 15 selectors.

The yearly plans provide cost savings over the course of a year and beyond. If your subscription expires, Microthemer will switch to “No updates mode”. That means you will only be able to use the version Microthemer was at when your subscription expired.

All plans are affordable thanks to the Themeover coupon. Don’t be concerned about the price tag because you’ll spread the worth due to active discount codes and coupons. Choose your Themeover coupon code and save bigger now!


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