Seafood is a good source of protein, minerals, and nutrients that are good for health. Today I would like to introduce Lummi Island Wild review where you get lots of favorite seafood shipped right to the door.

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Lummi Island Wild review – Why choose it?

For high-quality products, the store aims to ship fresh and delicious tuna, salmon to your door. They pack every order carefully and make sure of the quality and freezing restoration.

For the environment and bio-system, Lummi Island Wild always obeys sustainability rules in ocean harvest and strives to protect the diversity of our oceans.

For price, you always enjoy reasonable and better prices than anywhere else.

Enjoy a varied menu of Lummi Island Wild

Firstly, I want to share with you some of the most popular dishes at Lummi Island Wild with its health benefits. Are you craving for….?

The dishes made from salmon

It is well known that salmon is a rich source of omega 3 and amino acids. It has seven health benefits

Firstly, salmon is rich in protein and amino acids that are good for the digestive system.

Secondly, eating salmon reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease

Thirdly, salmon improves skin and hair. Because salmon is rich in protein, along with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, it helps to effectively strengthen skin and hair.

Besides, eating salmon also supports muscle building, brain development, and enhances eye health.

Lastly, Salmon provides essential vitamins. For example, an 85g grilled fillet provides more than 40% of vitamin B11, more than 25% of vitamin B6, vitamin D that promotes the development of healthy bones and teeth and limits cancer.


Lummi Island Wild has coho salmon that has really good color, medium texture and flake, and a clean flavor. What I love most about the food is its freshness, tasty flavors, its reasonable price.

In salmon menus, Lummi Island Wild also has wild king salmon steaks.  With a rich and buttery flavor, soft-textured flakes, and a velvety finish, you will be satisfied with this kind.

Lummi Island Wild review

Tuna dishes

Tuna is a kind of seafood that many people love because it contains essential nutrients for the body. When you need tuna, it is good for liver, anemia, brain development, and preventing atherosclerosis. Besides, do you know the excellent benefit of eating tuna for weight loss?

At Lummi Island Wild, you will find albacore tuna loin, albacore tuna cans, albacore tuna ventresca at the best price. They well froze after the fishes are caught from the ocean. Therefore, the meat is fresh and tasty enough to enjoy

Lummi Island Wild review - tuna

Halibut fish

Lummi Island Wild Halibut is harvested from different seas. Through skillful hands, they become delicious and nutritious dishes. You should also try out Halibut meat that is sweet and tasty.

Lummi Island Wild review - halibut

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