BuddyBoss Review 

BuddyPress is a free plugin for WordPress that is used to add social networking features. For newcomers, think of BuddyPress as an out-of-the-box social networking website, complete with an administration area that lets you manage the site. BuddyBoss helps entrepreneurs create large-scale online communities. Read our BuddyBoss review to find more interesting information.

BuddyBoss’ Features

  • Community: Connect your people

Enable your followers or customers to connect under your brand. Increase engagement and retention, and gather valuable feedback. Allow your people to learn from each other, increase your brand’s value, and reduce your workload.

  • Monetize: Sell access, generate revenue and create wealth

Charge subscriptions or one-time payments for access to your community, courses, digital downloads, groups and more.

  • Elearning: Launch your online courses

Create and sell unlimited online courses under your own brand. Share your knowledge, launch your community, and enable your people to learn from each other, all under one roof.

  • Gamify: Make it fun and engaging

Empower your people to work towards common goals and earn points, badges, rewards, ranks, certificates, and achievements. Give your people a sense of autonomy, mastery, purpose, and progress.

  • Setup and Customize: Everything you need to customize for your brand

BuddyBoss is a white-label open source solution designed to adopt your brand. It is designed with the flexibility to allow you the freedom to fully customize it for your project’s requirements.

Buddyboss review
Creating online communities

Why should you choose BuddyBoss?

  • You have flexibility, to extend the feature set using existing free and premium plugins, or even build your own should you come across a unique scenario that is important for your project.
  • You have complete control over your website. This software is open-source, which means you can modify, add to and make any changes to it.
  • You have freedom and options to host your site anywhere, to break free from us. Being on WordPress gives you lots of options.
  • As you grow, the software grows with you. You have the freedom to implement new tactics you learn, iterate and improve.

How to install BuddyBoss?

Before you start, make sure to install and set up WordPress, and optionally BuddyPress and bbPress as well. You can always download the most recent version of BuddyBoss by clicking “My Account” under your profile icon at the top of this site while logged in.

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes.
  • Click Add New. Click Upload.
  • Find the theme file “buddyboss-[version].zip” from your computer and upload it. Click Install Now.
  • Find the theme file “buddyboss-child-[version].zip” from your computer and upload it. Click Install Now.
  • Activate the “BuddyBoss Child Theme” as your main theme.
  • You can now access theme settings at Appearance > BuddyBoss and Appearance > Customize.

BuddyBoss Review

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