It only takes a second for someone to grab an unattended or unwatched bag and disappear into the crowd. LOCTOTE bags are a game changer if you ever need to leave your bag unattended (beach, pool, park, cafe, hostel, etc.). Just lock it and leave it. Your stuff will be safe. Read more at LOCTOTE Review to explore many interesting information about LOCTOTE bags as well as LOCTOTE discount programs.

Why should you choose LOCTOTE bags?

LOCTOTE bags are the only bags designed to protect against every type of travel theft.

Firstly, Pickpockets are masters at getting into bags and getting things out without their victims ever noticing. LOCTOTEs comes with a solid brass lock that enables the bag to be locked shut when worn, making the bag 100% pickpocket proof.

Secondly, using proprietary materials and manufacturing methods, LOCTOTE bags are the undisputed most slash resistant bags in the world.

Thirdly, sophisticated thieves can scan and read certain credit cards, bank cards, and passports right through most bags. LOCTOTE bags include a large internal pocket lined with a certified RFID blocking material that shields credit cards and passports from unauthorized scanning.

Finally, LOCTOTE manufacturer’s proprietary ropes that have a slash-resistant ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) core to prevent quick slashing or cutting.

Protect against every type of travel theft

LOCTOTE bags material

LOCTOTE uses a proprietary fabric made out of an innovative combination of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and other technical fibers weaved by special high-density knitting machines, creating a fabric that is unlike anything else anywhere. Besides, they use a high-performance twisted multifilament polyester thread with advanced UV protection and a non-wicking finish specially designed for outdoor applications where seam strength retention and fade prevention during UV exposure are required. The advanced UV protection reduces strength degradation over traditional filament polyesters while also reducing color loss and fading. The non-wicking finish helps reduce moisture migration through seams.

Some outstanding LOCTOTE bags

  • Flak Sack SPORT

The Flak Sack SPORT is the lightweight theft-resistant drawstring backpack. It’s the lightest & most water resistant Flak Sack available. It was designed to accommodate the lifestyles of people who practice, play and are on the go who need their essentials kept safe, but don’t want any unnecessary weight or bulk. It’s like a light-weight portable safe for your valuables.

  • Cinch Pack

The LOCTOTE Cinch Pack is a tough, practical, daily carry backpack, that’s built with the worry-free security features you come to expect from LOCTOTE. It was designed to accommodate the lifestyles of people who travel in high-crime environments, or anybody on the go who has important or valuable things with them (like passports, electronics, wallets, keys, etc.), but does not want to be constantly worrying about, clutching or staring at them.

  • AntiTheft Sack 3L

The LOCTOTE AntiTheft Sack 3L is a packable portable travel safe. It locks shut & to any fixed object to protect your essentials when you can’t have your eye on them. They’ve packed superior protection in the smallest package possible. Throw it in your luggage, clip it to your backpack or carry it in the palm of your hand.

The world’s toughest and most secure bags

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You can also choose Peak Design or Vibedration if you want to find more interesting bags.

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