Are you wasting a ton of time managing several different websites one at a time? It’s a hassle, for sure, but you’ll be amazed at how much time and effort you can save by implementing a tool that lets you manage multiple WordPress sites all from one location at little to no cost (yes, some are free). Read our InfiniteWP Review to discover why.

InfiniteWP Review

InfiniteWP Review

InfiniteWP is defined as a single most powerful admin panel for all of your WordPress sites and is optimized for agencies, developers and freelancers. The InfiniteWP solution gives you one master login power, along with one click update feature and backup and restore options. The plugins and themes provided by InfiniteWP is valid across multiple WordPress sites and is self- hosted and secured solution almost free for life.

InfiniteWP Feature

Until recently InfiniteWP could have been looked down upon for having a limited feature set. However, with the recent release of 6 new addon modules this is certainly not the case anymore.

The six new modules allow us to:

  • Install/Clone WordPress very easily
  • Schedule Backups (on-site or off-site)
  • Backup to Repositiories
  • Manage Users
  • Run Code Snippets on any of your sites
  • Client Plugin Branding

Apart from those 6, another 3 are in the works and will provide the following features:

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Posts & Comments management
  • Bulk creation of Posts, Pages & Links

When using such tools, there are a few important things I look out for. First of all is the user interface. Is it easy to use? InfiniteWP clearly checks this box for me, it’s super easy to use, there are tutorial videos and also help suggestions in the panel itself, it’s unlikely you’ll get confused about how things work. I started managing my sites within 5 minutes having read none of the instructions available.

Secondly, the feature set. As you can see in the above list, all the major features you’d expect are either there or being developed. I’m excited about what the team at InfiniteWP have in store for the future, I’ve also heard they are already developing a mobile app, so things look great in this regard. The cloning feature is quite handy, as are of course scheduled backups, especially the ability to post them off-site to another FTP server or to Dropbox.

InfiniteWP Review – About Price

InfiniteWP Review

With InfiniteWP, you can choose your own plan and buy just the addons you need or get one that suites to access all the addons. It is not important whether you are a freelancer or run an agency. The plans are discussed below:

  • Free version, that costs you nothing and provides you unlimited site access and all the addons, with 1 to 4 days’ email support.
  • Starter version, that costs you $147 and provides you 1 to 10 sites per year with all the addons and 1 to 3-day email support.
  • Developer version, that costs you $247 and provides you 11 to 20 sites per year, with 1 to 2-day email support.
  • Freelancer version, that costs you $347 and provides you with 21 to 50 sites per year, with 1 day email support.
  • Agency version, that costs you $447 and provides you with unlimited sites with priority email support. This version is the recommended version.
  • Enterprise version, that costs you $647 and provides you with unlimited sites per year along with priority email support.
  • Lifetime version, that costs you $1497 only and provides you for unlimited sites for lifetime and one- time payment option.

Ready to Try Out InfiniteWP?

If you’re ready to try out InfiniteWP, rest assured that it’s a very stable system and development is proceeding at a rapid pace on it, with 3 more addon modules currently in the works. The InfiniteWP Client, used to link websites to your administration panel, has already been downloaded more than 20,000 times. The basic self-hosted download is free, so there’s nothing to lose, I highly recommend this plugin and am thoroughly enjoying it for managing my sites.

Also, I have listed some coupon codes at the link below so you can apply them at checkout to save more. I hope you like InfiniteWP Review above and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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Access to all word press add on to make it a single stop solution to develop a maximum of 10 word press websites. Also get 1 to 3 days E-Mail support when you select this plan annually at $147.

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