Currently, chronic disease is the biggest problem for health. The Biomarker screening will help people determine whether they are at risk or not, we are glad that The Warrior Clinic can make this testing available to everyone. Read our The Warrior Clinic review to learn more information.

The Warrior Clinic review

The Warrior Clinic review

The Warrior Clinic’s mission is to guide and empower individuals to have awareness and take control over the prevention and reversal of chronic disease in their lives. The tests they offer are not intended to diagnose or treat disease, or to substitute for a physician’s consultation.

There are two option you can choose:

  • Home Kit – We recommend this to everyone. Once you order online, the Warrior Kit comes in the mail, you mail it back, and you will get the results online.
  • In-Lab Option (for those afraid of testing themselves) – This option allows you to go to the lab instead of testing at home. You order the tests online, we will provide you with the order, you go to the lab, and your results will be available for you online.

Why you should use The Warrior Clinic kits?

Are you healthy on the inside? 40% of normal weight people are metabolically sick and don’t know it. Knowing your data will allow you to screen and track improvements in your health. Changing your diet and exercise program is the solution. WHO also recommends that people should check their biomarkers at least once a year. Abnormal labs should be rechecked every 3 months while making lifestyle changes.

The Warrior Clinic review

How It Works?

Test your chronic disease biomarker with convenience in 3 easy easy steps.

STEP 1: Get your kit

Order online. Your collection kit comes in a week.

STEP 2: Collect and send samples

Follow easy-to-use instructions to collect your sample and mail it back to the lab.

STEP 3: Access your results online

You will be notified when the results are available for viewing on your security account. They present your results in a color-coded, easily understandable page with descriptions and discussions specific to your results.

Benefits of Home Lab Test Kits

– Take control over your personal health and wellness instead of needing to go to a doctor.

– You do not need to have a prior authorization from a doctor or insurance company to decide what is best for you.

– Track your health over time by repeating your labs periodically.

– Track your health over time by repeating your labs periodically.

– Home lab test kits are often substantially less expensive than testing done at a traditional health facility.

– If you are afraid to do your own test at home, The Warrior Clinic does offer the option to go to the lab.

Remember you have the power to take your health into your own hands. Through screening you will become aware of your current state of health so you are able to make changes as needed. Chronic disease is preventable and reversible.

Get the Warrior Kit and take action at Take control for $59.

Finnaly, with the helpful information from this The Warrior Clinic review, Hotreview4u hopes you guys will always have regular checkups to maintain a healthy body.


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