With the aim of being accessible to everyone, Aikon CMS has become the most advanced and innovative Joomla provider. Combining beautiful design and easy-to-use code is what they do best, and that’s what makes their extensions great. Follow my Aikon CMS review to learn more.

Aikon CMS Review – What makes them special?

Over the past few years, Aikon CMS has led a wide range of end-to-end projects, including dozens of websites, mobile and web apps, digital products, e-commerce software, and more with the goal: “Beautiful Web for everyone, anywhere, anytime”.

Building a visually attractive and functional Joomla website has become easier with the use of extensions. Aikon CMS offers a wide range of beautiful and configurable Joomla extensions.

The aikon CMS Joomla extensions are useful even for novice users as they don’t require coding. In addition, the extensions are easy to use and contain lots of options.

Aikon CMS Review

Aikon CMS Review – Creative Joomla Extensions, Modules and Plugins

Some of aikon’s most popular Joomla extensions

Here are the 7 most popular Joomla extensions.

aikon Easy Parallax

This extension allows web developers to set flexible parallax sections in seconds and improve the feel and look of their website. Users simply select an image, add overlay text and modules, and insert drop shadows. They can also set the ratio, direction and type of parallax.

Aikon YouTube BG Video

This extension allows web developers to stream background videos from popular video streaming websites. By streaming from YouTube, web developers can reduce their website loading time while giving their visitors a visual treat.

Aikon Easy Form Builder

This is an extension that can allow web developers to create awesome forms within two to three minutes. Users can choose from any of the design-ready templates or customize the available themes to meet their website’s specific needs. Furthermore, there is no need to write any code with this extension, event while customizing the behavior.

Aikon CMS review

Create great forms within two to three minutes

Aikon Revolution Animations

This is the extension that web developers need to animate their website. It offers more than 50 animation options. Like all Aikon CMS extensions, this one does not require encryption.

aikon Revolution Animations uses a unique UI, point and click interface that has never been seen before for such an extension! Users simply double click on an element, on their actual website (not the admin side) like an image or a text block they want to animate, and a sidebar with different animation options will appear. Click “save” and you are ready to go!

Aikon Magic Popup

The Aikon Magic Popup extension allows users to set up fully responsive pop-ups containing widgets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more), custom text, and even add templates – their own boilers. They can customize the popup window by setting details like setup appearance delay, and the number of times the window will be displayed.

Aikon CMS Review

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Aikon Animated Menu

With aikon Animated Menu, web developers really don’t need to add another menu extension or template again. And, of course, if you’re using a template – you can easily customize the look and color scheme of the menu, so it appears as an integral part of the template!

Aikon Super Preloader

While everyone does their best to improve performance, sometimes, there is simply a lot to show. There’s a very high likelihood that online visitors won’t click “Close” when they see a nice loading animation, even if your website takes a while to load. This is what the Super Preloader extension does.

Users can choose from a variety of preloaders and spinners, and customize these templates by inserting their company’s logo or image, set the text, choose a background color, as well as font sizes and colors for the text and spinner.

You can discover more Aikon extensions at their official website: aikoncms.com.

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