Landmass review

Landmass creates unique travel products and encourage people to travel immersive. They have a collection of map posters that any traveler would love. Beside, it includes scratch off world maps, and custom city maps. Here at Landmass, you will be inspired by maps, good stories and adventures into the unknown. Landmass is on a mission to connect people from far corners of the earth by creating unique products that encourage people to travel. You should read our Landmass Review to find more interesting products at Landmass.

What is Scratch off maps?

Landmass’ collection of scratch off maps are uniquely designed and made with the best quality materials. The clean and precise designs make your stories come to life. These maps are designed by expert cartographers and created with passion. It will reveal the details as you scratch off the places you’ve been. Whether you want to track your own travels or gift it to the traveler in your life, these scratch maps are sure to impress. Scratch off world maps feature outlined states, provinces, and territories along with 210 flags, and outlined islands.

Landmass review
The best World Travel Tracker Map

How do you use Travel Tracker Map?

The Travel Tracker Maps includes Scratch Off Maps and Color In Maps. It is the perfect fit for any adventurer, explorer or travel lover. These Tracker Maps are a unique and meaningful gift. For those who want to see the whole world, try one of these scratch off world maps. Firstly, you should unroll your map carefully and flatten it with books or heavy objects for about 24 hours. Then use a coin, guitar pick or chopstick to gently remove the gold foil over the countries or states that you’ve visited. It’s up to you whether you want to scratch off the flags of the countries that you’ve been to, or if you want to use them to plan your future adventures. Besides, you also can hang your map in a frame or use binder clips or tacks to give your map a more creative look.

What is the highlight on map hats by Landmass?

These map hats are perfect for those who want to meet like-minded adventurers on the road or while at home. You can choose from three classic options: World Explorer, San Francisco or New York City. Each hat features a carefully designed map across 6 panels to satisfy your inner nerd. Each panel represents a major area. Hats come with suede brims and leather straps.

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