Rocketbook Core (Everlast) – World’s Smartest Notebook?

rocketbook core

Rocketbook Everlast has been renamed to Rocketbook Core. The actual physical notebook remains exactly the same. The only visible difference will be the name “Core” on the inside cover where it previously read “Everlast”.

So if you have a Rocketbook Everlast, you essentially have a Rocketbook Core.

Description and Features

The Core measures a svelte 9″x 6.25″ x 0.25″and just 5 ounces, and it’s basically the perfect size for an office laptop. It will fit in any pocket, and in fact, will probably fit most of the accessory bags of the said bags.

A big part of the this notebook experience is the smartphone app, which is really what gives Core its intelligence. The app uses your smartphone’s camera to scan the device to the cloud, and as far as we can tell, even the app itself does more than send documents on its way.

Rocketbook Core

How to scan notes

To start using Core, the iOS or Android Rocketbook app and create an account. You’ll need an identifier – an email at least – so you can have a place to put your notes after scanning them.

After creating your account, the whole process from writing to scan is really simple. Your smartphone’s camera opens via the Rocketbook app and presses “New Scan” and will display four green guide points, which you will center on your Everlast page. Scanning takes place automatically.

Finally, after your done scanning, clicking done will appear a prompt asking where to send the note. An image of the actual page, plus a transcription in text, will be sent to the location of your choice.

Then, you can erase the pages in Core notebook and start over by dampening the microfiber cloth they include, then dry the pages completely before writing again.

Special FriXion Ink

It’s important to know that you can’t use any pen with the Rocketbook Core. You can, but you won’t erase the page. This device requires a pen with FriXion ink, which can be erased.

Rocketbook sells some of these pens on its website, and paper supply stores and Amazon also sell a huge selection of others. We picked up a set of rainbow colored FriXion pens, by Pilot, to test duringour trial for about $20. A three-pack of black-ink FriXion pens should run you $7.

Rocketbook Core Pros and Cons

These are the pros and cons that I noticed after a while using Core.


  • Write in any way and in whatever style you want
  • Scan is easy to upload
  • Notebook is lightweight and reusable


  • Requires special FriXion ink and pens
  • Feature is currently available on some devices, like Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Notebook isn’t very rigid, and it’s difficult to write without an additional desk or hard surface

Rocketbook Core


Overall, Rocket Book Core is a great addition to the smart workplace. Well, it’s as simple as opening up a new page in RocketBook, taking out your erasable pen, and getting to work. All the “smart” things will happen later, when you’ve finished your meeting and that’s just the way it should be.  No battery to die, to crash, no device breaking  they drop to the floor.

The Rocket Book Core is available for $32 shipped from their website: You can even get a cheaper price using the discount codes below.

That’s a much lower cost than the cost of a good sprial notebook and sprial pen, an yet with the Core, you get something reusable forever and comes with Smart Cloud backing it up. Again, it’s an economical yet innovative solution and one I highly recommend!

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