Everyone is looking for Christmas decoration ideas to bring a festive atmosphere to their home. Movies offer a variety of interesting themes that inspire holiday home decor. The suggestions below will help you change the look for your house to welcome a peaceful and warm Christmas season.

Home Alone

Home Alone Living Room - Christmas Decoration Ideas
Home Alone Living Room – Christmas Decoration Ideas

The decor in “Home Alone” is truly iconic. So, it will be a perfect theme for your home. The green walls and rocking red damask wallpaper make every room look really cozy. In addition, the curtains also carry the main Christmas colors, including red, blue and white. The pine tree is simply decorated with colorful balls. Big white stockings were lined up on the mantelpiece. All of them make a perfect Christmas scene.

Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street house - Christmas Decoration Ideas
Miracle on 34th Street house – Christmas Decoration Ideas

Do you remember the feeling when you first watched Miracle on 34th Street? The touching plot, excellent cast and wonderful Christmas scene make this movie a success.

This year, you can spread the magic to everyone just by decorating your house. First, you use white curtains and red tablecloth to set the mood of Christmas. Moreover, the house will be gorgeous with shimmering taper candles. Especially, you can roll pine branches along the railing of the stairs or hang them on the window frame.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter - Christmas Decoration Ideas
Harry Potter – Christmas Decoration Ideas

It would be great if you turned your house into a miniature Hogwarts for Christmas. You decorate the tree with golden snitchs and a sorting hat. Each room will represent a house in the school. The decorative objects will have the typical color of that house. However, you can choose the house you like (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw) and decorate it in the most special style.

Besides, the guests will be overwhelmed by the scenery of winter wonderland thanks to a magic snowing ceiling. It is worthwhile to bring the holiday atmosphere of the Wizarding School to your home.


Elf decor - Christmas Decoration Ideas
Elf decor – Christmas Decoration Ideas

If you find the above topics too difficult to follow, consider this last option. All you need are eye-catching handmade decorations in two main colors: blue and red. Alternatively, decorate the ceiling with white paper snowflakes and chain garlands. You can hang on the big tree lovely teddy bears or some small toys.

You don’t spend a lot of time and money on handmade decorations. And above all, your home is sure to be fun and sparkling with this decor style.

There are many Christmas decoration ideas inspired by famous movies. In addition to the 4 ideas above, you can refer to the decoration styles from Frozen, A Christmas Story, The Christmas Chronicles and more. It would be great if you could recreate the Christmas scene from your favorite movie right in your home.

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