You have faced all the troubles of 2021. It’s time to take a break and get in the holiday spirit. Let’s lean back on the sofa, drink hot cocoa and enjoy the latest Netflix Christmas movies. They will help you forget the fatigue and regain your faith in the Christmas miracle.

1.     A Boy Called Christmas

This is one of the most anticipated movies of the holiday season in 2021.

We are accompanied by young Nikolas on a journey to the legendary village of Elfhelm to find his father. Nikolas is always cheerful and kind, so people call him “Christmas boy”. Besides, the film has many lovely animals such as a loyal pet mouse and a reindeer of Nikolas.

It will be perfect to watch this heartwarming movie together when your family gathers around the fireplace.

2.     Love Hard

For those looking for the “sweet love” of the Christmas season, Love Hard is an attractive choice. This movie belongs to the romantic comedy genre.

This is the story of a girl who falls in love with a stranger on a dating app. She flew 4,800km to Los Angeles to meet him for Christmas. However, she discovered she had been tricked as soon as she arrived. Things go terribly wrong until the perfect man shows up.

3.     Christmas Flow

If you like watching movies and enjoying music at the same time, you shouldn’t miss Christmas Flow. The film’s content revolves around a famous male rapper and a personality journalist. Will love blossom despite differences in personalities and lifestyles?

Set in the romantic city of Paris, Christmas Flow is the ideal movie to watch with your lover.

4.     Single All the Way

Single All the Way is an incredibly romantic and funny movie to enjoy during the upcoming Christmas holidays.

The film is about Peter, a happy single gay. He asked his best friend to pose as his boyfriend during a home visit for Christmas. Things started to change when his family set up a matchmaking game. Their plans are messed up and so are their hearts.

5. The Clause Family 2

This is a great movie to watch with your family, especially the kids.

Part one of the film is released in 2020. The story begins when Jules’ grandfather gets sick. Soon, he happened to find out that his grandfather was Santa Claus. Jules had to replace his grandfather delivering gifts to children around the world. However, he is a child who hates Christmas.

Part two will continue to tell about the journey of Jules and Santa Claus. They prepare for the busiest time of the year together. Unexpectedly, the boy received a very special letter with a fascinating question.

Will ‘The Clause Family 2’ keep the touching and magical moments like the first part? Let’s wait and see.

These are 5 Netflix Christmas movies that I think are worth watching. Their plots are in the spirit of the holiday. In addition, the picture and sound are generally quite good compared to other movies. So, you can choose a meaningful movie to make the upcoming Christmas warm and sweet.

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