3D Universe Review

Established in 2013, 3D Universe is a company dedicated to making 3D printing and digital fabrication accessible to everyday people and professionals alike. They sell a variety of 3D printers and supplies.

Besides, 3D Universe provides assembly materials kits to make it easier for people producing e-NABLE prosthetic devices. 3D Universe has customers across a wide range of industries, including education, manufacturing, automotive, architecture, product design, medical, and more.

You can explore some interesting products at our 3D Universe Review.

LulzBot TAZ Pro 3D Printer

TAZ Pro is an industrial desktop 3D printer that provides large, multi-material and soluble support printing. LulzBot TAZ Pro comes standard with dual extrusion printing capabilities.

In addition, the new LulzBot TAZ Pro comes with enhanced electronics for greater processing power, more memory, quiet operation, and additional functionality. Effortlessly control your TAZ Pro using a 5” full color, interactive touch screen.

3D Universe Review
A high-quality selection of 3D printers

Ultimaker 3

It is one of the Ultimaker’s most advanced 3D printer to-date, with the clear objective of meeting the needs of professional users. With dual extrusion, the new Ultimaker 3 can easily tackle even the most complicated or intricate geometries with dissolvable support materials.

Besides, the Ultimaker 3 introduces smart, swappable print cores that can be switched in a matter of seconds. Print cores will report when a nozzle is hot or cold, or when when an incorrect material is loaded. You can also print objects with dual colors or dual materials.

Dremel DigiLab LC40 Laser Cutter

The new Dremel LC40 is capable of cutting, etching, scoring, and engraving your most intricate designs. The potential applications are numerous, as the LC40 works with a wide array of materials, including acrylic, paper, leather, wood, stone, and glass.

Moreover, both the LC40’s hardware and software appear to be robust and well-designed. The LC40 also has a built-in 7-inch LCD display for monitoring and managing jobs.

Especially, 3D Universe works hard to provide amazing prices every day of the year, because they know that’s what you want. Many people are attracted to 3D Universe coupon because they offer immediate value and savings.

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3D Universe offers free shipping with insurance for all orders over $95 within the lower 48 states. Hurry up!

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The Ultimaker 3 is an advanced desktop 3D printer with dual-extrusion capabilities, wifi and wired network connectivity. Enjoy it now!

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