There are many digital marketing tools out there. However, to run your business efficiently, it’s important to choose the right tools, especially when selling on an e-commerce platform. Zon.Tools is one of the best amazon marketing tools to help you to gain more sales on Amazon, get our review to enjoy.

How manages your Campaigns in an unprecedented way

The toolkit includes many tools such as Auto-Mate 3.0, KeyWord Miner, Target Miner.., which help you find keywords to boost your products with related keywords. Your listings always appear in front of your target customers right the way.

Let’s dig into the toolkit and its features to know more about Zon.Tools

Note that our review only mentions the key features that make Zon.Tool outstanding

Auto-Mate 3.0

The AM 3.0 engine will intelligently change the bids of your Keywords and Targets.  Therefore, you can achieve your ACoS goals more easily. Besides, the AM 3.0 algorithm will calculate and change your bid up or down to help increase sales.

KeyWord Miner

KWM Engine will scan your reports on a regular basis and provide any relevant, converting Customer Search Term to system. This will allow your campaigns to grow naturally in a controlled “100% automated” setting.

Target Miner

TM Engine will analyze your reports on a regular basis and add any relevant ASINs, transforming them back into your ASIN Ad-Group.

Bid Gambler

If the bids for your Keywords or Targets are too low, BG will gradually raise the bid until you start receiving more impressions and clicks.


TI Engine will continuously monitor your reports and remove any leaking terms as needed, enhancing the matching capabilities of your Auto, Broad, and Phrase campaigns.


AA Engine will continuously examine your reports and remove any leaky ASINs. Therefore, it can increase the matching capabilities of your AUTO and Product Targeting campaigns.

KeyWord Guardian

This feature ensures that you will not overspend on any Exact keyword by suspending them when they reach a particular spend barrier with no sales. Additionally, KWG will monitor your account regularly and decrease bids to your minimum bid for low-performing keywords and restore the last bids for recovering well-performing ones.

KeyWord Recycler

KWR Engine is continually on the lookout for low-performing keywords and uses our algorithms to produce a new, updated ideal bid. Optionally, KWR tests the new keyword/bid pair in a separate setup to make result tracking easier.

Bid Nailer

BN will constantly change prices according to the average cost per click for your Exact keywords and your strategy.

Bid Nailer and Bid Gambler Engines can work together to optimize each keyword’s bid in your account and bring you the best results.

Zon.Tools pricing review

I see offers a very affordable price with three plans:

Analyzer plan – $9/month only

But you only have 6 tools: NA, EU, MX, JP, IN, AU for Unlimited users, products, campaigns, and keywords.

Masterer plan – $19/month

It covers all tools on Analyzer plan and adds KeyWord Guardian™,  KeyWord Recycler™,  Bid Gambler™, Bid Nailer™, and Auto-Mate

Dominate Plan – $25/month

Cover everything on Masterer plan and add Proprietary PGN Structure, KeyWord Miner™, and Target Miner™, Term-Inator™, and ASIN-Ator™, All Upgrades Included review proudly brings you the best coupons and deals. So you can own one of the best amazon marketing tools on the marketing right now.

Also, refer to our Zonbase reviews to find other tools that can help you optimize your selling on Amazon.

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