Shop Tiny Houses Review – The Best Kitchen Appliances For Tiny Houses

Shop Tiny Houses Review: Finding the perfect appliances and design details that fit in with both your style and space can be challenging. One of the more challenging areas in your tiny home to stock up will be the kitchen. Luckily for you, the legwork has already been done. And in this Shop Tiny Houses Review, gives you some tips to help you find the kitchen appliances that will work best in your tiny house.

Shop Tiny Houses Review
Choose kitchen appliances for your tiny house is very important


The ideal refrigerator for a tiny house on wheels is a 3-way refrigerator that can run on gas, DC power, and AC power. This gives you the ability to run your fridge on grid power as well as on gas power while on the road. If you decide to add solar to your tiny house, you can even run your fridge on DC power.

If you won’t be moving your tiny home on wheels very often, you might want to opt for a residential fridge. A residential fridge will add a lot of weight to your tiny home and you’ll need grid power to run it but you’ll be able to store a lot of food.

Also, residential refrigerators are much less expensive than 3-way RV refrigerators. You could end up spending twice the amount of money for a 3-way fridge as you would for a standard residential fridge.


Practically every RV I’ve seen has a microwave in the kitchen. With tiny houses, however, you don’t always see people using microwaves. When you do see microwaves in the kitchens, they are usually built in overtop of the stove.
This helps maximize space and allows for venting since a vent will usually be built into the tiny house just underneath the microwave.

Shop Tiny Houses Review

When building a tiny house kitchen, it is important to decide whether or not you’ll actually use a microwave as they do take up valuable space and can add at least another 20 pounds to the weight of your tiny house. Also, they require a lot of power so you’ll most likely need to be hooked up to the grid or to a generator to use them.

Of course, you can get low-watt microwaves but they do take longer to cook which eliminates any benefit they may have had.


Most people with tiny homes on wheels do not have dishwashers in their tiny homes. These appliances require a lot of water and electricity and they take up a lot of space. Also, a dishwasher weighs a lot so it can be a burden to some tiny homeowners.

Many people will opt to hand wash their dishes and they’ll add some counter space for a drying rack. This saves them room, weight, and even money as they have one less appliance to purchase.

Also, if you ever do decide to add a dishwasher later, you can always buy a tabletop version. These small dishwashers do not have to be plumbed into the system and they can be installed and removed in just a few minutes. They also weigh a lot less, so traveling with them is much easier.

Stoves and Ovens

Most tiny house owners go with small RV stoves that run on propane. These stoves usually have three burners on top and an oven that is large enough to fit a chicken but definitely not a turkey.

The benefit of a small stove like this is that it does not weigh as much as a residential stove. A 22″ three-burner stove might weigh in at around 60 to 70 pounds.

Also, the three-burner design makes it much more narrow than a typical four-burner stove. It is also shorter too so you can usually put storage underneath it.

An alternative to the gas oven might be a convection oven that can function as a microwave as well. Some people like to go this route since it gives them microwaving abilities without having to add an additional microwave.

Some people opt to forgo the oven altogether. These people might go with a gas stovetop or even an induction stovetop. This can cut down the weight significantly which is important for tiny houses on wheels.


Shop Tiny Houses Review

Since most people hand-wash their dishes, it is important that they have large sinks. Deep, double-sinks are often seen in tiny houses on wheels as they make washing dishes much easier.

Additional counter space should be added to the side of the sink so that dishes can be left out to dry afterward. This counter space can be used for meal preparation so it isn’t wasted when dishes are not drying.

Outdoor Kitchens

In some climates, it’s easier to go with an outdoor kitchen. A grill and an outdoor sink could completely replace the need to have a kitchen inside. Just get a small fridge and place it in your living area so you’ll have someplace to store your food.

Pack some folding chairs and a folding table into your tow vehicle and you have a fully functional dining room to go with your outdoor kitchen. For warm, but wet climates, you may also want to pack an overhead awning so you’ll have some shelter from the rain while you’re outside cooking.

Shop Tiny Houses Review – Time to Shop

Now that you know all the tips and tricks to find the best kitchen appliances for the home, it is time to start shopping.

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Thanks for reading this Shop Tiny Houses Review. Hopefully, this article will help you easily select appliances for your kitchen. Good luck!

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