This Yeners Way Review is for those who loves cake decoration.

Do you dream of picture-perfect cakes that will make you fascinated and excited? Yeners Way Cake Art Tutorials help you make it a reality with pro tips and clear tutorials that nothing is left to guess.

About Yeners Way

Yeners Way creates professional and educational cake decorating video tutorials with a focus on the art of baking. There are also baking recipes, a large collection of free tutorials as well as tools. Yeners Way’s mission is to help cake decorators around the world make great cakes for their friends, family or business.

Yeners Way Review

Yeners Way was founded on April 1, 2014 by Serdar & Serkan Yener, who has run a family cake business name Yeners Cakes for almost 20 years.

Yors Way showcases their original techniques, methods, styles, designs and creations, mainly in the form of online video tutorial and downloadable blueprints and templates.

How it works

At Yeners Way, you can either purchase tutorials/courses as you go and have access to permanently purchased individually purchased tutorials/courses. Or you can subscribe to a monthly or annual plan that will allow you to access to all the premium tutorials.

Courses can only be purchased individually. There are some features and tools that only subscribers can access, such as their recipe calculator.

What’s special about the tutorials?

Serdar Omer Yener not just teaches you that particular cake, his aim with each video is to teach you new techniques, new methods.

He starts right from the beginning how to sketch the cake.

What things should you be looking for?

What if you used option A instead of option B.

Where and What issues may rise. How to fix the problem.

So to him, he is not teaching you a cake, he is teaching you how to decorate it through this cake. Does that make sense? I hope it does!

Yeners Way Review

Yeners Way review – What’s in their video?

Each video has all the templates and material lists you need. Serdar Omer Yener has links to online sources where you can purchase the equipment he uses.

The courses are detailed so you can get information about cake sizes, how many servings and how much of the ingredients you need. For some of us, this can be a huge advantage. Each class is set on one video with the timing listed. So if you’re looking for a specific part of the video – you’ll know exactly where to look.

All videos are done very professionally. Loving the setting and loving each video has its own unique backdrop that often matches with the theme of the cake. For example, The Olaf Cake has a beautiful snowy background. I think it’s cute.


Yeners Way is very affordable and often has with huge savings or discounts. I highly recommend you to receive their newsletter for new course updates as well as offers. Or follow this post as I often share these special offers and awesome tutorials.

Well, I do hope that this Yeners Way review will help you on what to look for in your next search for online cake decorating courses.

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