What Is Easter Day Meaning? What Day Is Easter 2024?


Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year for Christians. So what is Easter? What is easter day meaning? And what day is easter 2022? Read more about this curious connection below!

What Day Is Easter 2022?

Easter is a holiday with no fixed time. To calculate the date of Easter, people need to base on the following factors:

  • This day is obligatory on Sunday.
  • It must come after the full moon (ie, the full moon).
  • And finally, that full moon day must stand next to the Spring equinox.

Thus, Easter 2022 will take place on Sunday, April 17.

Origin of Easter

what is easter day meaning
Do you know what is easter day meaning and the origin of Easter?

The story behind Easter in the New Testament of the Bible tells of Jesus being arrested by the Roman authorities because he claimed to be “Son of God”. He was later sentenced to death by crucifixion by Pontius Pilate, the Roman emperor. His resurrection three days later marked Easter. This day is also associated with the Jewish festival of Passover.

What Is Easter Day Meaning?

In the Christian mind, Jesus’ resurrection after his death on the cross made him a man with the power to give them eternal life. And it is this belief that Christians sing every year at Easter.

For them, Jesus and Easter are a symbol of resurrection, bringing new life. Besides, Easter also takes place in the spring – the season of birth and growth, so it gives them more strength to believe in good things, miraculous recovery and a better future.

Symbols of Easter

On Easter day, people often give each other gifts that are symbolic of this holiday. Below are typical ones of this holiday.

Easter eggs

Symbol of Easter Day

Eggs are considered the most primitive and ancient symbol of Easter. People often give each other eggs decorated with their own hands to wish friends and relatives the best luck and good things in life.

The reason eggs are considered a symbol of Easter is that since ancient times, eggs have been associated with the meaning of rebirth, reproduction, and proliferation. Westerners also believe that this earth was created from a giant egg.

Easter bunny

What is easter day meaning?

Like eggs, rabbits are considered a very specific symbol of Easter. Rabbit is also an animal with a fairly fast reproduction rate, so it is understandable that people consider it a symbol of growth and development.

Besides, the rabbits are also associated with the legend of Ostara (or Eostre) – a goddess of spring, who was named for Easter.


On the table of Christians, there has never been a lack of ham on Easter. To them, pork is always considered God’s food. They consider that if the first full moon of autumn is the right time to make a reserve of bacon, then Easter is the best time for them to enjoy this dish.

Easter hymns

Besides the above symbols, Easter hymns, Easter songs are also an important part of this special holiday. The lyrics, the melody of the Easter songs all express joy over the resurrection of Jesus. Besides, it is also gratitude and wish for a new life full of positivity, luck, and brightness.

Final Words

Hopefully, our above sharing has helped you know “What is easter day meaning? as well as what day is easter 2022? Thank you for following the article! Happy Easter!

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