Truly and completely, Alpha Lion SuperHuman Pre-Workout is a good formula for gym enthusiasts. In this review,  let me tell you the why  factors from my own experience!!!

My words

I want to gain muscle first and burn fat, however, increasing muscle while losing fat on my condition is very difficult. I weight 90kg while my height is only 173cm. After 7-8 months trying to work out with gym, I don’t feel much change in my body. That makes feel very disappointed and want to give up.  

Finally, one day when  I was surfing the internet and researching for supplements for gym, accidentally, I read an article which mentions Alpha Lion review about their products. I wonder that why don’t I give it a try with their products. Only three 3 weeks later, I feel much change in the body and mind.

Me in workout thanks to Alphalion

Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre workout review of Nutritional information

There are five main group of supplement facts included in one Superhuman: Energy Matrix, Pump Matrix, Strength Matrix, Anti-Crash Matrix and Absorption Matrix.

Alpha Lion SuperHuman
Nutritional information

I found out that SuperHuman pre-workout has the amount of Beta Alanine at 3.5g which is rather than the standard of 3.2g. Likewise the Betaine is at a robust portion of 2g, which is actually where you wanna be the extent that muscle control yield and muscle protein amalgamation go.

There is a strong equation of stims in this pre-workout supplement, with 350mg caffeine which is actually where you wanna be, 100mg of DMHA and 75mg of NMT-HCL which is another fixing in pre exercises (and I believe you’re going to see it in a great deal of them). 75mg is really a great sum which I like.

You also have 350mg of L-Theanine that is truly a anti anxiety agent that enables you to change state simply instead of crash. 350mg is certainly on the higher-end of amount, that you’ll be able to completely feel as a part of the expertise.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Taste/Mixability/Dosing

Alpha lion Hulk Juice is the best product I have tried. I am not telling a lie. The taste is delicious. 

As a dietary supplement take 1 scoop in 8-12 ounces of water 15 – 30 minutes before going to the gym. This aint your girlfriends PRE so don’t consume more than 1 scoop. Beginners should assess their tolerance by starting with 1/2 scoop then increasing to 1 scoop.

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From the very first days, I just added only one spoon before doing workout. I feel like I can go another hour afterwards. Superhuman does show me the higher performance. I have lost 30 pounds after one month using it. Recently, I add one spoon and a half, I am able to spending three hours in gym every day and pump it up the whole time.  Really love this stuff.

Customers’ reviews

It amazes me a lot that Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre-workout has received many good reviews from users.  Can you believe 1136 reviews of 5 stars vote on their website. Take a look at Alpha Lion review on their website and other channels! They all feel satisfied with this kind of products in helping them put the gym workout up.


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Alpha Lion SuperHuman pre-workout supplement

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