If other skincare products have failed you, you can try Vintage Tradition! They offer whole-body natural skincare for the face, lips, hands, feet, and body. Read our Vintage Tradition review to know more about Vintage Tradition products.

Who is Vintage Tradition?

Vintage Tradition is the first and original tallow balm in the world. It is the absolute best tallow balm and therefore the best skin care product in the world!

You will find the purest, most natural ingredients of any skincare product. Their products are for all manner of skin conditions. You can use it for dry, chapped, calloused, cracked, and more. They offer the only all-animal-oil skincare product available anywhere.

They have the best selection for you to choose from. You can find:

  • 15 varieties of regular Tallow Balm
  • Two varieties of Tallow Balm with Green Pasture™ Oils
  • Two varieties of Deodorant Tallow Balm
  • 4 flavors of Tube Tallow Balm

What is Tallow Balm?

Tallow Balm is soft, spreadable, and easy to use. Besides, it has only three whole-food ingredients. All selected from the finest sources to ensure their superior therapeutic quality. It is chemical-free and GMO-free with nothing unnatural.


  • Tallow — from 100% grass-fed cows
  • Olive oil — extra virgin and cold-pressed
  • Essential oils — therapeutic grade

It is taken up by the skin as nourishment and softens the skin quickly. If your skin doesn’t absorb what you apply, then you are applying too much. Remember that a little goes a long way.


Vintage Tradition review


Tube Tallow Balm Varieties

Citrus Shine is great for all skin types but especially helpful for oily complexions. It contains the following essential oils: tangerine, lime, bergamot, lavender

Peppermint Stick only contains therapeutic-grade peppermint essential oil for you peppermint lovers! Peppermint essential oil has a long-standing tradition of stimulating alertness and focus.

Vanilla Bean has a mild vanilla scent for you vanilla lovers. Vanilla has a long-standing tradition of elevating mood and reducing stress.

Totally Unscented contains no essential oils, so you will detect the scent of tallow. It is great for those that are sensitive.

Update your shopping bag with the items you most like at a lower price now! You can take advantage of Vintage Tradition coupons. Time to pick up the most incredible deal with Vintage Tradition review.


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