Do you want to find a good place to sell and buy new and used vinyl records and CDs online? Let’s choose CD And LP. It is one of the first marketplaces dedicated to music in the world. Read our CD And LP Review to find more information.

Who is CD And LP?

Established in 2001, CD And LP is a website that would connect international buyers and sellers of new and used records and CDs. The platform available for private and professional sellers grew up non-stop because of the collectors’ interest.

CD And LP guarantees buyers to receive a conforming item and sellers to be paid.

The website available in 5 languages (French, English, Spanish, German, and Japanese) enables an international clientele to connect and interact easily. The blog and the forum are communication spaces for the website’s community.

CD And LP review

Finding an item

You’ll find detailed information about the item: artist, title, label, pressing, condition, picture, description, track listing, and information about the shop.

When an item is displayed by a seller, it is usually in stock.

CDandLP doesn’t store any items for sellers. Therefore they cannot ensure the availability of the items on their behalf.

If you need further information regarding the item and its availability you can contact the seller by using the link “Contact the shop” on the item description page.

If you pay by credit card, the latter will not be charged for the purchase.

CDandLP regularly reminds sellers to update their inventories.

CD And LP reviewCD And LP review

Steps to start to sell items on CDandLP

Create a seller’s account and open a shop on CDandLP for free.

Define your shipping fees

On CDandLP, the shipping fees are defined in advance. This system allows you to avoid having to calculate these fees at each availability confirmation of the order.

List your items for sale.

How to save at CD And LP

When shopping at CD And LP, you’ll be able to get enormous benefits that are made possible thanks to CD And LP coupon. A transparent advantage of using their coupons is that you can enjoy up to 50% off your on cart value. Therefore, you don’t have to spend hours comparing prices from different stores to form the simplest choice.

However, you should check the validity period of any CD And LP coupon code before using it.

65% off

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